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Drapery Services


Looking for drapery services?  Whether it is drapery cleaning, drapery supply, drapery repair, drapery cleaners, drapery workroom, or drapery installation, Exciting Windows has a nation wide network to assist you in finding the right person for you.

Drapery Installation
Getting your draperies installed and mounted properly can be a bit overwhelming. Your Exciting Windows consultant can help explain how to properly install your draperies.

Drapery Repair
Repair your damaged draperies.  With Exciting Windows help, you can get the proper tools and materials to correct that eye sore in your draperies.

Drapery Workroom
Create a haven from the noise and commotion of the rest of the house.
Drapery Cleaning
If a good vacuum using the upholstery attachment did not do the trick, Exciting Windows can walk you through the steps to take.
Drapery Cleaners
Exciting Windows will walk you through how to choose a detergent and method to clean your draperies. 
Drapery Supply
Exciting Windows can help you get the right drapery supplies for the do-it-yourselfer.