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Sweepstakes Winners Seth and Sandy Schwartz Encinitas, CA

The decorating decisions have been made.  The Exciting Windows!
designers (who are also doubling
today as installation professionals)
have arrived.  It’s time to watch the transformation…


In just a moment the existing window treatments will come down and we’ll say good bye to the “outlook” as we knew it from the Schwartz family room and kitchen nook windows.  No more jumble of colors, no more glare on the TV, no more low feeling ceiling and closed off traffic patterns.

Even Gus, the Pug is excited about the changes about to take place…

In the weeks while the draperies were being fabricated, the display shelf was removed to bring height to the room.  Seth and Sandra had a sofa and chair covered in fabric they chose to coordinate with their new look, and the room was freshly painted.

There is a beautiful, expansive view of the Encinitas hills behind the Schwartz home from these windows. Traversing panels in a warm golden tone were used to add height and vertical lines to the room and can be drawn when desired over the wide sliding door to eliminate the glare by day, or the cold, black hole by night. They will also help save money on heating and cooling bills because of their insulating qualities.

Top treatments in a lovely paisey pattern tie the multitude of beautiful colors from the existing paint and furniture in the home together.  Notice how the treatments are mounted on boards painted to match the walls, then lined and covered in the print fabric so that from every angle (even peeking up from down below) they look beautiful.  No detail has been left out.




After a professional “dressing” the treatments hang beautifully.  The ultra suede fabric shades on both windows are motorized and can be raised and lowered at the touch of... yes... a remote control.  Seth especially loves this feature!






A design consultation with HGTV celebrity designer Michael Payne helped with furniture placement, and even gave Seth the motivation (and permission) he needed to shop for a new flat panel television for the room.  Michael’s phone call during Sam’s monthly “Bunco” party gave her guests something to talk about!

See how inviting the finished family room looks.  It’s obviously a great place to relax and to hang out with family and friends, and best of all, the Schwartz family loves it!  It was designed around their taste and lifestyle and using things they love and already owned.


Attention to detail is one of the professional hallmarks of your Exciting Windows! Consultant.  The treatments in the nook combined the side panel and top treatment fabrics from the family room in a unique way that ties everything together.

The Exciting Windows! design and installation professionals know they have completed another terrific job…

Our Michael Payne $10,000 Exciting Windows! Makeover Sweepstakes winners are delighted and looking forward to enjoying their updated rooms.  When friends and family stop by to visit, they cannot believe the transformation and are so complimentary.  Life is never boring when you have Exciting Windows!

Time to load up the ExciteVan! and be on our way to another appointment. 

Watch for our next Michael Payne $10,000 Exciting Windows! Makeover Sweepstakes.  You just might be the lucky winner.  But you know you don’t have to wait to be a winner.  Visit the locator on our website to find the Exciting Windows! professional near you.  When that project you’ve been putting off is completed, you’ll feel like a winner as you enjoy your beautiful home.