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Duette®, Luminette®, Silhouette®, Vignette®
Exciting luxury, excellent design. We are proud to bring you the most dynamic, versitile selection of designer window shadings you can find anywhere!

Duette honeycomb shades

Duette® honeycomb shades
Duette® honeycomb shades are simple to operate energy efficient and easy to maintain. Installation is a snap. A beautiful look combined with lasting strength, durability, and superior performance. The honeycomb construction helps keep your home cool during summer months and warm in the winter. The sleek head rail and small stacking make it possible to reveal the entire window to preserve the view.

The Manhattan Collection

The Manhattan® Collection
The Manhattan® Collection incorporates the innovative honeycomb construction of Duette® with wide variety of stylish fabrics and subtle patterns. The elegant look of satin or the rich texture of raw silk will satisfy even the most sophisticated of tastes.

Duette honeycomb shades

Duette® honeycomb shades
Duette® offers a wide variety of design options. Manual, motorized, and curved tracking systems. Dual fabric shades give the flexibility of sheer defused light in or room-dark privacy. Arches, trapezoids and octagons. Applications for skylights, patio doors, and greenhouses. No other honeycomb brand offers as many specialty applications and hardware sytems as Duette.


Luminette Privacy Sheers

Luminette Privacy Sheers®
The Luminette Privacy Sheers® is unique with and operation that resembles a vertical but looks like a sheer. Luminette is the world's first sheer offering both light control and privacy. A soft fabric vane hangs inside each pleat. Simple rotation will allow for just the right amount of light, or close them for total privacy.

Silhouette window shadings

Silhouette® window shadings
Light Control Copy Blocks Silhouette® window shadings is a truly unique product with the ability to filter light while retaining the outside view or it can be tilted closed for privacy. Silhouette Bon SoirT is a light dimming option that provides light control and privacy by reducing the transmission of direct sunlight. A verity of textures and colors are available including room-dark options.


Part Silhouette®. Part Luminette®. Complete coordination. Counterparts® coordinates Silhouette and Luminette together into five color groupings that will bring a measure of flexibility to the selection process for rooms that include windows better suited for horizontal applications and sliders that call for a vertical presentation. To complement both products, Counterparts offers Luminette fabric by the yard in all its colors and textures.

Vignette Window Shadings

Vignette® Window Shadings
The cascading folds of Vignette® window shadings provide softly diffused light as well as complete privacy. With the tailored appearance of Roman shades Vignette window shadings can be easily raised and lowered without wrinkling and sagging and the whole presentation tucks neatly into a sleek head rail.

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