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Shutter Styles

Shutters are made of wood or composite wood.  These panels may be folded across a window to diffuse light and add privacy.  Adjustable louvers are added as an opening and closing mechanism, so the shutters may be opened to admit full light and view or to allow a partial view outside while maintaining a fair amount of privacy inside.  Shutters with louvers over two inches wide are sometimes referred to as Plantation Shutters.
Tradition and Elegance Meets Innovative Window Fashion Design (See attached styles and pix of shutters including Plantation, Sunburst, Roller Shutter, Accordian Shutter, Decorative Shutter, Board and Batten Shutter, Rolling Shutter, Cafe Shutter).
Plantation Shutters have a 3 1⁄2” louvers made of real or faux wood provide a big, beautiful statement to any room. Norman Shutters are a line of custom shutters with unmatched durability. Roller Shutters refers to a vertically revolving barrier at the exterior to a building or room. Accordion Shutters are designed to cover windows, sliding glass doors or enclose total balconies.
Decorative Shutters encompass all types of shutters that are applied as part of a full layered window treatment. Board and Batten Shutters bring back the old country feel with their simple construction of vertical boards and top and bottom horizontal battens. Rolling Shutters are applied to the exterior of the house, and are versatile door and window coverings. Cafe Shutters are used to cover only the bottom half of a window.