Add Warmth at Your Windows this New Year!

Almost anywhere you might be reading this, it’s possible you’re feeling a winter chill.  Whether you live in the sub-polar north or in the desert southwest, or even the warmer climes of the south, winter sometimes invades your rooms and your comfort level right through your windows. So why not address the issue boldly with new custom window treatments that stave off winter’s chill — and summer’s heat — while adding beauty, comfort and value to your home?

The easiest, best fixes to this annual dilemma come in the form of beautiful high-performance treatment styles, and high tech or traditional materials that help insulate your rooms with a layer (or EXTRA layer) of protection from drafts that emanate from the windows.  Historically, some of those materials have felt heavy or unattractive, and let so little daylight in as to feel oppressive.  Not anymore!

Even luxurious SILK or silk-blend drapery fabrics add practical beauty and warmth at the windows, and even help keep rooms cooler in hot weather. Tightly woven pure and sustainable silk, and hybrid blends of natural silk and man made fibers that add durability and ease of care, can create voluminous draperies, elegant shades and even sheer layers that work hard against the winter cold and summer heat while maintaining daylight control.

So-called ”hard” window treatments such as plantation shutters, innovative vaned blinds and many styles of shades (think roman, Austrian, roller and others) also help guard your rooms from drafts and seasonal heat issues, particularly when used in concert with another layer of drapery or shading.  These beautiful solutions provide superb light control, given you infinite possibilities for maximum comfort, privacy and interior lighting. Learn more by scheduling a free, no obligation, in-home consultation.

We’d love to show you how wonderful, practical and affordable owning custom window fashions is, in the rooms where they’ll be seen and enjoyed. CLICK HERE to learn more about all we can accomplish with amazing, custom-tailored window treatments that work for YOU and your home for a fresh new year! Schedule a FREE In-Home Consultation, and we’ll get started making your rooms more comfortable and beautiful!