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Window ShadesWindows shades are an important investment for your home, so partnering with a company that offers the right selection is crucial. At Exciting Windows!, we have a vast network of design consultants throughout North America who are experts at helping homeowners like you find the best possible window treatments for their homes. Our consultants offer highly personalized service, and the professional you work with will help you find shades that complement your home, match your unique taste, suit your lifestyle, and meet your budget. Your personal creative consultant may offer a range of window shades to choose from, such as:

Roller Shades

Roller shades are the simplest type of shade. They fit inside the window casement and operate with a pulley-type system that rolls the shade up and down with the tug of the cord. Roller shades can be made from a wide variety of attractive materials, including bamboo, burlap, and a broad selection of fabrics, so you’re sure to find the right look for your home.

Tie-Up Shades

Tie-up window shades provide an elegant decorative touch to your home. The shades can be manually raised to your desired height and then tied open using the attached ribbons or ties. This creates a soft and graceful drape along the bottom of the window.

Balloon Shades

When pulled open, a balloon shade’s fabric gathers into billowy poofs, giving the window treatment a uniquely formal and old-fashioned appearance. They are typically made from sheer or silky fabrics that drape easily, but can also be made of heavy materials that block out light.

Roman Shades

Roman window shades hang down flat like roller shades when they are closed, and then pull up into deep horizontal pleats when lifted with a cord, similar to balloon shades. They are normally made with a heavy fabric and are available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

No matter which window shades you choose, you can rest assured that your Exciting Windows! consultant will only provide you with durable products that will resist fading and all forms of deterioration over time. They will be custom fabricated to your exact specifications and will also meet or exceed the highest quality industry standards. And, if your window shades fail to perform as intended within 10 years of the installation date, we will repair or replace them ourselves. That’s our promise to you.

The perfect window shades for your home are just a phone call away! Contact Exciting Windows! today to be paired with a design consultant near you.

“Wonderful experience. Courtney was very professional and I enjoyed her expertise. Her measurements were perfect. Shades actually came in early and were expertly installed by Scott. You guys are all great!”

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“Recently installed EcoSmart shades from Gordon's on most of the windows in my house. I am absolutely thrilled with how they look. So far they have kept my house cooler in the hot weather & I expect them to keep the house warmer this winter. Very highly recommended!”

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