Are Curtains Out of Style?

Spacious bedroom with cream-colored natural fabric drapes partially covering large sliding glass doorsIf you like to flip through home fashion magazines or make the rounds of local house parties, you may be seeing a lot of trendy blinds, shades, and shutters and wondering if curtains or drapes have gone out of style. After all, there are so many alternatives to drapes when it comes to modern window treatments.

However, the vast array of window treatment options is precisely the reason why you may see fewer windows decked out in stylish draperies—there are simply more types of window coverings to choose from. Yet interior home design professionals say curtains and drapes will always claim the hearts of many homeowners, especially those who like to use color and pattern variations to spice up their home décor.

The Effect of Automation on Window Treatments

Another reason why you may see your friends and acquaintances opting for alternatives to curtains and drapes is more a matter of functionality than style. Motorized window shades and blinds are growing in popularity, especially for homeowners who wish to sync their window coverings to their smart devices. However, it’s a mistake to think you can’t get the same automation features for curtains and drapes. A knowledgeable window treatment professional can help you get draperies and hardware that not only look beautiful but also perform the way you want them to.

When to Consider Curtain Alternatives

Despite their many merits, curtains and drapes may not always be the best choice for certain types of windows. For example, depending on their configuration, bay windows may be difficult to fit with traditional curtains or draperies. Or you may have an exceptionally wide picture window that offers a breathtaking, panoramic view of a gorgeous outdoor landscape, and you don’t want to cover even a little of it with drapes.

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