Can Window Shutters Keep Your Home Warmer Than Curtains Do?

Details shot of rich, dark louvers of real wood shuttersHigh-quality interior shutters outperform many other types of window coverings when it comes to insulating homes against heat gain and loss through windows, so they are definitely a good choice for keeping your home warm in the winter. One of the chief reasons why shutters stand out is the way they are mounted flush against the window frame, thus hindering air from sneaking in or out around the edges of the window opening. Curtains and drapes, on the other hand, hang from a curtain rod, typically leaving gaps at the ceiling and windowsill, as well as on either side of the window where air can make its way in or out.

Even so, curtains and drapes are included on the U.S. Department of Energy’s list of energy-efficient window coverings. How can that be?

It’s All in the Design

As explained on the website, full-length draperies can compete well with other energy-efficient window treatments if:

  • The drapery fabric is thick, floor length, and abundant enough to fully cover the window starting at the ceiling. (Or you can add a cornice at the top.)
  • You keep your drapes completely closed on cold days and especially at night.
  • You use Velcro or magnetic tape to attach the edges of the drapes to the sides of the window.

This means your choice between window shutters and draperies doesn’t have to depend on energy efficiency. You can let your aesthetic preferences take the lead—provided you have experienced design professionals at your side to help you get beautiful custom window treatments that provide all the benefits you’re looking for.

How to Get the Ideal Window Treatments for Your Home

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