Benefits of Energy Efficient Drapes and Window Coverings for Your Home

energy efficient drapesGreen is the new black, and many homeowners are now seeking eco-friendly ways to save resources in their homes.

With so many different technologies and styles out there, it can seem overwhelming to know where to start.

So where can you begin? The answer is clear- literally.

We suggest you start small with your windows and install energy efficient drapes. This often overlooked part of your home can not only make an impact on the personality and design of your space, but can also cut energy use to save money and the environment in the long run.

Read this blog post to learn our designers’ expert tips that will solve your common window woes and dilemmas while improving your home’s energy-saving capabilities in both Winter and Summer.


The Dilemma: How to Cool Your Home in the Summer

A bright summer sun, while perfect for days spent at the beach or the pool, can leave our homes uncomfortably warm when it’s time to turn in at night. Not only does sunlight pour in and heat our homes during the day, UV rays can also fade furniture fast.

Solutions such as air conditioning units seem to blow money out of our pockets just as easily as they blow cool air into our homes. Add on expensive repair and maintenance costs, and you might as well spend that money on a trip to Alaska. So what can you do?

energy efficient drapes in home

Designer Solution: Escape the heat of the day without running the expensive air conditioner and wasting energy by installing energy efficient window coverings. Studies show that medium colored drapes or those with white backings may reduce heat gains through windows by 33%.

Light colors will reflect the UV rays back outside the window instead of absorbing them into your home, keeping the inside temperature cooler. Not only do drapes control internal temperature during the day, they give your home a softer, more elegant feel due to the flowing fabrics. Keep drapes closed over the windows receiving direct sunlight during the day to keep your space comfortable and classy.

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Designer tip: Hang drapes slightly higher above windows to elongate the look of the space by drawing the eyes up.



The Dilemma: How to Keep Your Home Warm in the Winter

When the weather outside is frightful, your heating bill becomes less than delightful.

Running the heater to keep your house cozy is not only hard on your wallet, but using excess energy to keep things toasty inside is tough on the environment as well. So how do you stay warm when a cold, unwelcoming home is not an option?

energy efficient drapes

Designer Solution: Close your drapes and roman window shades! Draperies alone can cut heat loss by 10% in your home. Hanging them as close to the window as possible leaves very little space for cold air to seep in and warm air to escape.

Bring this number up to 25% by installing drapes close to the ceiling and letting them hang completely to the floor, creating a sealed space around the windows for even more temperature control.

Keeping draperies closed during the day and during the night increases energy efficiency. The only exception to this rule? Open the drapes on windows receiving direct sunlight during the day to bring warm rays into your home before drawing them closed for privacy after nightfall.


The Dilemma: How to Light Your Home, Yet Save Energy

While we are all grateful for Thomas Edison’s daring experiment that brought us the light bulb, flipping a switch has become a more convenient way to waste energy when left on and forgotten.

energy efficient

Designer Solution: While a rather simple solution, this tip is easily forgotten. You can reduce energy use in your home by opening drapes during the day to let in the light, and closing them at night for privacy. Drapes are easy to open and close with no excessive dangling cords or rods, making them a simple and stylish way to use less energy from turning on the lights.

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Energy Efficient Drapes Tip

Did you know? As much as 50% of your home’s heating and cooling can be lost through windows without the proper, energy efficient drapes or window coverings.

Natural light is also said to improve mood, so pull back those blinds and let the light shine in on your smile! Flip a switch only when absolutely necessary to save on your energy bill.

Choose Energy Efficient Drapes that Won’t Sacrifice Personal Style – We Can Help!

The good news is, we no longer have to sacrifice style and personality in our home decor to be eco-friendly. We can help find the perfect solution for your home today by connecting you with one of our experienced designers.

By cutting back on energy usage and costs, these window solutions are more than just easy on the environment, they’re easy on your wallet. Schedule a free consultation today to see what energy efficient drapes can do for your home.