Best Ideas for Window Coverings for Large Windows

Large windows offer a grand view to your surroundings, let in an awe-inspiring amount of light, and make your rooms feel and look larger. But they can also be a challenge to cover because of their size. Some window treatments simply won’t work for large windows. For instance, drapes can be difficult to move, and other options, when sized up to fit an expansive area, can bend or sag over time.

But just because you have large windows doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style for functionality. There are a number of stylish window treatments that are great for large windows. As a general rule, choose treatments made of lighter materials. The lighter the window treatment, the less bowing will occur and the easier it will be to use. Other popular window treatment ideas for large windows include:

Plantation shutters

A perennial favorite, plantation shutters are easy to operate in a large window and are a breeze to maintain. Wood is the lightest and strongest material for shutters, and, therefore wood plantation shutters are a smart choice for dressing a large window. Shutters made of solid polymer or a combination of wood and polymer are also suitable.

Gliding panels

Gliding panels work splendidly for large windows because they stack neatly out of the way when open, providing wide-open window views. Gliding panels are available in a multitude of different fabrics, colors, and textures, so you’ll have no shortage of design opportunities for beautifying your home.


An elegant choice for large windows, curtains take up a fair amount of visual space and can dramatically transform the look of a room. Avoid velvet or wood curtains, which can be too heavy and difficult to move when custom-sized to a large window. Cotton curtains are better because they are light, versatile, and easy to clean.

Cellular shades

For large windows that are taller than they are wide, cellular shades are a stylish option that offers unparalleled ease-of-use while also giving your room a warm and cozy feel. Plus, they offer a measure of insulation that can help keep your room at a comfortable temperature.

At Exciting Windows!, our network of dealers offer professional advice on choosing window treatment options suitable for any type of window or any interior design style. Options include motorization that allows you to open and close your window treatments with the easy press of a button, a great benefit for windows that are large, tall, or even out of reach. Contact Exciting Windows! to learn more.