Best Rooms for Wood Shutters

If you’ve always liked the look of wood shutters but you’re not sure which rooms they would suit best, you should know right off that any window treatment made of wood is not generally recommended for bathrooms. Wood is more susceptible to moisture damage than synthetic materials are, so the steamy, wet environments of bathrooms or steam rooms would certainly reduce any wood treatment’s longevity. But wood shutters offer so many other features that they serve ideally in terms of both style and function in a range of other living spaces.

Features of Wood Shutters

All shutters are basically designed the same, with hinged, louvered panels that are mounted inside a window and can be closed for light and privacy control. Traditional style wood shutters feature small louvers, usually a little over an inch wide. The narrow space between the louvers of traditional wood shutters makes them an ideal match for smaller windows, such as those in a den or bedroom.

By contrast, some wood shutters, like true plantation shutters, feature wide louvers that can add design appeal to virtually any indoor space. The wider gap between the louvers of plantation shutters also offers more expansive views of the outdoors. More than any other aesthetic, what comes to mind when talking about plantation shutters is elegance. The inherent elegance of plantation shutters makes them highly desirable upgrades, and unlike draperies or other window coverings, they usually remain in a home when it’s sold.

Thankfully, nowadays homeowners have plentiful choices in shutters built from vinyl or composite materials that offer both strength and water-resistance. But if you prefer the natural look and feel of wood shutters, there are few great providers in your area, like Exciting Windows!  We have a vast national network of design consultants who help homeowners design affordable custom window treatments, including wood shutters. Contact us today for more information.