What Are the Best Treatments for Bay Windows?

Finished wood shutters with louvers closed on a bay window behind a glass-top table and chairsDid you just have a bay window installed at your home, and now you’re wondering how to add window treatments that will bring out the full potential of its beauty? Or maybe you’ve had one in your home for years, and you’ve never thought its window coverings did it justice. Now you’re ready for a change.

In any case, it can be challenging to dress bay windows, and there’s no surefire solution that works in every case. For example, do you view your bay window as a configuration of three separate windows, each of which requires a window covering? Or do you see it as more of a single unit that requires a unifying window treatment spanning the entire configuration? Does your bay window have a window seat or built-in shelving? Does it have windows that open and close?

The answers to these questions and others will play a role in your selection of the best treatments for your bay window. One of the knowledgeable design consultants in the Exciting Windows! network would be happy to take a look at your window and your room décor and help you make the ideal choice. In the meantime, here are some great options to consider:

Draperies: The Versatile Choice for Bay Windows

Hanging drapes on bay windows can be tricky because of the angles created by configuring three windows to form a glass unit—or bay—that projects outward from the wall. Despite the challenges, draperies are well worth considering due to the practically endless options for length, color, and fabric thickness.

Did you know there are curtain rods specially designed for bay windows? Specialized hardware can make it easier to hang draperies that will deliver the sophisticated, tailored appearance you’re undoubtedly after. Even with specialized hardware, however, mounting draperies on bay windows is best left to the professionals.

On the other hand, if your bay window houses a built-in bench or has operable windows, draperies might not be the best treatment if closing them would disrupt the use of your bay window.

Additional Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Outfitting your bay window with classic wood shutters is another way to achieve a unified appearance for the entire configuration. If your tastes lean more toward shades or blinds, one of the window treatment experts in our network can help you choose from the practically endless array of options on the market.

Would you like to learn more about Exciting Windows! and the benefits of letting us help you get the best treatments for your bay window? Contact us today for more information.