What Are the Best Window Coverings for a Man Cave?

Black horizontal blinds over windows set in brick wall with brown wood table and chair If a man cave were truly a cave, it wouldn’t have windows and you wouldn’t need window coverings to provide light control and privacy. But you’ll definitely need them to turn just about any living space in your home into a man cave. And it’s important to remember that blinds and shades do more than simply block daylight and prying eyes. They also set the tone for your room and help you maintain a comfortable indoor temperature without excessive use of your HVAC system. Therefore, today’s caveman is likely to appreciate the thoughtful selection of window treatments to make his personal living space the ideal sanctuary for him.

Here are two factors to consider as you go about choosing the best window coverings for the man cave in your home:

Interior Décor

Any window treatments you choose should define or at least coordinate with the interior design of your man cave. For example, what if your man cave resembles a vintage home library with wood paneling, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, and leather-upholstered furniture? Or maybe it’s decorated to look like an Irish pub, with a polished-wood bar, stools, a dartboard, and a collection of pint glasses on display. In either of these cases, genuine wood shutters could be the perfect choice to complete the look you’re after and also provide excellent light control and energy efficiency.


Maybe you want your man cave to be the neighborhood gathering spot for all the major sports events. You’ve installed a huge TV and high-tech sound system, and you want to be sure that your window coverings prevent intrusion of outside light and sound, thus creating a true cave-like experience with enhanced acoustics. For this purpose, you should consider cellular shades. Depending on the fabric you select, these shades can provide blackout effects and absorb up to 60% of outside noise. You should also opt for motorized blinds or shades that you can operate remotely, even when you’re in the kitchen replenishing the snacks and libations.

Get Help From Trusted Window Treatment Professionals

Whether you’re on the hunt for the best window coverings for your man cave or some other room in your home, Exciting Windows! can put in you touch with experienced design consultants who can help you make the ideal choice. What’s more, when you partner with one of our members, you’ll receive the best prices for high-quality workmanship. Contact us today for more information.