The Best Window Treatments for TV/Media Rooms

Living area with comfy-looking sofa, white walls, and dark taupe honeycomb shades being loweredFor many homeowners, the aesthetic design opportunities are the most fun part of selecting window treatments. There’s nothing wrong with that—in fact, it’s important to choose blinds, shades, and drapes that create the ambience you’re after and bring out the best in your interior décor.

However, some rooms cry out for extra attention to the functionality of your window treatments. If you have a room where you watch TV, edit home movies, play video games, and work with media, you don’t want to be distracted by extraneous noise and solar glare. Therefore, the best window treatments for TV/media rooms will create a welcoming interior décor while also shutting out the world when you want to focus on your work or entertainment. Here are a few options for your consideration:

Honeycomb Shades

Also known as cellular shades, these pleated window treatments are best known for their outstanding insulating capabilities. However, they’re available in various colors and fabrics with room-darkening linings that give them total blackout capabilities. What’s more, high-quality honeycomb shades can absorb up to 70% of noise from outside your home, making them the industry’s top choice for keeping noise at bay.

Roller Shades

These timeless window coverings will give your room a sleek, modern look, and they’re available with room-darkening fabrics that can block light a little or a lot. You can even use them for a total blackout effect when you choose an outside mount that eliminates gaps where light could sneak in at the edges. Roller shades also pair well with drapes, which means you can enjoy a stylish, layered aesthetic for your windows and also pull your drapes closed when you want to block light and noise to the max.

Floor-Length Blackout Curtains

Heavy drapes that extend from ceiling to floor may the right choice for you. Having them installed to operate with tracks in the ceiling instead of traditional curtain rods can prevent light from creeping in at the top of your windows. What’s more, the right fabric and linings can help keep outside noise from penetrating your TV/media sanctuary.

Get Expert Assistance From Exciting Windows!

The best way to get the ideal window treatments for your TV/media room is to partner with one of the professional design consultants in the Exciting Windows! network. Our consultants can take a look at your living space, listen to your goals, and use their extensive knowledge of the marketplace to help you get exactly the window coverings you need—perfectly sized, crafted from top-quality materials, and expertly installed. Contact us today to get started.