Buying Custom Curtains In Chicago, IL

Finally the day has come! And your partner has now given the green light to just go crazy with all your interior design choices. But where do you even start?

16547533996_6cb35d1e60_q (1)There are so many options. From couch pillows and paint color, to wall decor and lighting, everything has to be perfect. And every room needs to be uniquely you.

We understand how exciting and overwhelming this can be!

When all’s said and done, the one thing that will really bring any room together are your window treatment selections.

At Drapery Connection, we design custom curtains in Chicago, IL to bring elegance into your home, while creating a more welcoming environment. Our remarkable selection of products will not only make your life easier, but will also open your eyes to design possibilities you didn’t realize.


Unlike other window treatment companies, our designers view crafting window treatments as more than just work. It’s their artform. This why from the first consultation we have with you, we do everything we can to understand your style.

We won’t bombard you with options, until you know you will love what we have to offer because we took the time to learn your personal style. Our designer’s not only provide you with options unique to your style, but they also combine your style with functionality.

Imagine custom stitched curtains hanging from a one-of-a-kind wood stained rod designed to look stunning and provide the ideal amount of privacy. Light control and privacy is not an additional option with our custom curtains, we implement these functions into all of our projects.

Instead of letting your imagine run wild with how this is all possible, here are some of our past projects where we combined functionality with personal style.

Luxurious Tri-Window Living Room In Chicago

In this grandiose Chicago living room, the homeowner wanted custom curtains to compliment her already existing interior decor. Our designer chose to use a sheer, yet sleek, material in order to allow light to flow into the room at ideal times of days. The execution was a phenomenal mixer of the homeowner’s style and functionality.


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High Ceiling Living Room In Chicago

For this large living room in Chicago we designed the custom window fashions to be contemporary and timeless. As you can tell the dark and luxurious wood stain throughout the home really draws your eye. This is why a matted gold material was used as a bright surface to compliment the dark accents.


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These are just some examples of what our design team is capable of doing. You may already have a design in mind and just need help with the execution. Perhaps, you love what we’ve done here and would trust us fully. Whatever the case may be, we want to help you design window fashions you can’t wait to show off.

Exciting Windows! Four-Way Guarantee

In addition to our devotion to style and functionality, our four way guarantee separates us from the competition and gives you the utmost first-rate service.

  1. Plain and simple, we guarantee you will find no better price for any window treatment in the Chicago area. Be our guest and shop around, compare prices, search other window treatment companies, but you aren’t going to find better prices anywhere else. We are confident you will only get the highest quality at the best price from us.
  2. Not only will you receive the best prices, but we guarantee every aspect of your custom window treatment is exactly how you wanted. As stated above, we take the time to grasp your personal style in order to create custom curtains completely unique to you. Unlike other companies, we construct window treatments that will exceed your expectations.
  3. By taking the time to combine style with functionality in every project, we also guarantee your custom window treatment will perform ideally for up to 10 years. If for any reason in your 10 year warranty period your window treatment malfunctions, we will be there to repair it. If repairs aren’t enough, we will offer you credit for unused time towards your next window treatment purchase.
  4. At Drapery Connection, we pride ourselves on our dedication to our customers, starting with valuing their time. We know you have more than enough things to worry about and the last thing you need is for us to not on time. We will personally pay with a Gift Certificate if we are ever late to any appointment you make with us, guaranteed.

Let Us Help You Buy Custom Curtains in Chicago, IL

livingOur experienced window covering designers are ready to get started on your project today to design your new custom curtains in Chicago, IL. We know you have some ideas already, you just need the right selection and expert opinion.

We would love to sit down with you to get the ball rolling, all you have to do is schedule a free in home consultation.

Let’s start defining your style and designing the home of your dreams!