Buying Custom Curtains in Louisville, KY

It’s time to design a home you can truly call your own. This is the home you’ve been dreaming of your whole life that is full of decor, color, and a style purely your own.

Elegance, luxury, and flair are a part of your interior design master plan. From color scheme to furniture, every aspect has carefully been selected by your unique touch.

Now, have you ever stopped to think about what really brings the room together?

Plain and simple, your custom curtains and window treatments. Windows are in every living room, dining room, or bedroom and we specialize in the installation of custom curtains in Louisville, KY to further express your luxurious style throughout your home.

At Designer’s Touch, we design custom curtains in Louisville, KY to not only bring elegance into your home, but to also match perfectly with your existing design. Together, let’s take your designer touch and our wide selection of products to display your style with custom curtains.


Above all else, we want nothing more than for you to design custom window treatments you are proud of. When dinner guests come over, your window treatments will be the first thing they talk about. Before you know it, the entire neighborhood will be asking to come inside to view your beautiful home.

Whether you are starting from square one or you know the exact fabric you want, our selection of products are sure to meet your needs. From premium hardware and intricate fabrics to custom pleats and chic accessories, you can truly create custom curtains you can proudly say you designed.

To show you actions speak louder than words, here are a few of our previous projects for custom curtains in Louisville, KY.

DesignersTouch-Arch-WindowsKentucky Living Room, Custom Curtains for Arch Windows

The focal point of this living room was the large windows with a view overlooking the gorgeous backyard. Without taking away any of the view, our designer’s created perfectly sewn and pleated custom curtains to work as a frame for this picture perfect landscape.

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Large Ceiling Living Room in Kentucky

WW HNS Horizons Natural Shades HST Drapery Side Panels

This project is one of our all time favorites because this window design is one we don’t come across often. We designed the windows to compliment the paint color and even went as far as matching the curtains to the couch pillows. We had fun with this project to say the least.

As you can see from the projects above, designing custom curtains is so much more than just fabric selection and color scheme. There are so many possibilities for you to choose from. Everyone adds their own flare and each window serves its own purpose.

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Exciting Windows! Four-Way Guarantee

Aside from superior quality of uniquely designed window treatments, there are four ways we guarantee you will love working with Designer’s Touch.

  1. Let us start by saying, your time is valuable to us. You have a lot on your plate and last thing we want is for you to have to rearrange your schedule for us. Before we can even call you a client, we promise we will be on time for every appointment we schedule. So much that if we are not, we will provide you with a Gift Certificate towards any future window treatment purchase.
  2. Not only is your time valuable to us, but we also want to work comfortably within your price range. We can guarantee no matter how much you shop around, you will not find a better price anywhere else in Kentucky. Even without knowing your design, we positive there are no better prices for your window treatments needs.
  3. Above all else, we guarantee every component of your custom window treatments is designed exactly how you envisioned. Our designers pride themselves on their ability to come into your home, grasp your interior design, and perfectly execute your personal style into every window fashion.
  4. We are so confident you will love your window treatment, we even vow ideal performance for 10 years after installation. Yes, for 10 years after we install your window treatment it will perform flawlessly. If it doesn’t, we will be there to repair it. If a repair is not enough, we will provide you with credit (based on unused time) towards another purchase.

Let us Help You Buy Custom Curtains in Louisville, KY

livingIn all honesty, we just want to help you create the home of your dreams and we believe it starts with window treatments. You have your own flair you want in your home and we have all the tools to help you design it.

Together, let’s sit down for a free in-home consultation and start bringing your dream home into reality!