Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Window Treatments

Window treatments can quickly transform a home. Walk into any living room, no matter how big or small, that has panels of natural wood shutters or smoothly flowing drapes, and your impression of the home is sure to change. Their immediate visual impact is undeniable, but when your shopping is based on problematic premises, your window treatments can end up less a distinctive finishing touch and more an expensive ouch, meaning they hang poorly and clash with your décor. But you can prevent that particular type of homeowner headache by avoiding these three common mistakes:

Focusing Too Much on Looks

Stately window coverings draw instant attention, but selecting plantation shutters or roller shades based solely on their looks can lead to buyer’s remorse. Making aesthetics a priority is fine, just so long as you also account for the room the window treatment will be featured in and the functions it will serve, whether to block sunlight or simply add more privacy.

Failing to Get Swatches

Seeing images of shade or shutter on a computer screen or tablet is not the same as seeing it person. By holding a sample of the real product, you can properly evaluate its color, texture, and pattern against your furniture, décor, and paint. It may add time to the buying process, but can be enjoyable and will reward you with assurance that you made the right choice.

Measuring Windows Imprecisely

Window treatments that aren’t custom made for your windows will fit poorly and detract from the window’s appearance. But it can also leave large gaps that admit harsh glare or compromise your privacy. That’s why it’s essential to get the most precise measurements possible, based on whether the window treatment will be installed inside the window frame or on top of the window.

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