Convenience at Your Fingertips: Remote Control Window Treatments

Ease and convenience. With just the push of a button. Our lives are at our fingertips, why shouldn’t your window treatments follow suit? Technology has made such advancements that many people don’t remember lifting the garage door for each and every opening. More recently, the DVR has replaced the ‘video tape’. Technology has provided us with so many modern comforts. Motorization of your window treatments will certainly become a convenience that when you look back, you will say, “How did we ever live without it?”

Exciting-Windows-Controlling-Window-Treatments-smallThe push of a button. Your window treatments will raise and lower with the push of a button on your wireless remote. You can choose to raise one shade, or multiple at the same time, allowing your shades to highlight your draperies and decor flawlessly. We design beautiful draperies with layered, privacy shades, and you can relax knowing that your draperies will go untouched, remaining gorgeous while your shades move effortlessly with the push of a button. Offering the ultimate experience in light control and privacy, this graceful operation will add a level of satisfaction and efficiency not previously imagined.

Envision the following scenarios…
You wake up in the perfect environment, having been sound asleep with room-darkening shades. Reaching over to the nightstand, with one click on the remote, your room is filled with morning sunshine. It makes you want to get out of bed, and start your day with a smile.

Protecting your furniture and belongings from harmful UV rays is important. You know the sun shines in all day long. With a hurried morning, closing your shades can add quite a bit of valuable time you cannot afford. With one click of your remote, your shades will lower, protecting your home and allowing you to start your day. On time.

It’s movie night, and the oversized windows you normally love are creating such a glare. Push the button on your remote to establish the ideal ‘movie watching’ environment, faster than the popcorn pops in the microwave.

Most of the time, window treatments are not easily accessed. Residing in high places, behind furniture and requiring different operating features, they do not lend themselves to ease of manual operation. It takes a long time, it can be tricky, and sometimes unsafe. Automation reduces all of that to the push of a button. In addition, your draperies can stay beautifully arranged, without causing a fuss in an attempt to adjust the background shades.

You have beautiful, natural and – quite useful – light entering your home. Sometimes it is a fabulous benefit, and at other times, it seems like a curse. Wipe away any and all of your frustration and enjoy the light – when you need it. When you don’t, it is as easy as the push of a button. Let us help you figure out how motorization can change your life. Contact our professionals for a free, in-home consultation.

Remote Control Window Treatments