Cordless Window Coverings—A Great Choice for Style & Safety

Young woman reaching up to adjust window shade by handNot so long ago, homeowners used cords to operate just about all window blinds and many types of shades and draperies. However, with the dawn of the new millennium, cordless window coverings came into fashion, prized not only for their streamlined appearance but also for the convenience and safety benefits they provide.

In 2018, new safety standards limiting the production of blinds with cords were enacted. According to the standards developed by the Window Covering Manufacturers Association and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), almost all window coverings sold in the United States and Canada must be cordless or have short cords that are inaccessible to children. The new restrictions came in the wake of thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths attributed to cord entanglements, primarily among children.

People with disabilities can still get cord-operated blinds, but they must custom order them. In fact, the CPSC has gone beyond simply requiring that new blinds be cordless. The commission recommends that people with young children replace any corded window coverings in their homes with cordless versions.

Advantages of Going Cordless

Fortunately, homeowners are likely to reap a bevy of benefits when they switch to cordless window coverings. The advantages include:

  • Protection against accidental injury for pets as well as children
  • An aesthetically pleasing appearance because there are no distracting cords
  • Ease of operation, typically with a touch of the fingertips
  • The option of adding motorization and even Wi-Fi control in many cases

Let Exciting Windows! Help You Make the Switch

Exciting Windows! has an extensive network of window treatment professionals who specialize in helping homeowners choose the ideal custom window coverings to meet their needs, style preferences, and budget. When you turn to one of our members for assistance in outfitting your home with cordless window coverings, you’ll receive benefits beyond safety and beauty. Our 4-way guarantee ensures that you’ll get the best prices and workmanship, on-time appointments, and a 10-year performance assurance warranty.

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