Custom Drapes vs. Off-the-Shelf Curtains: What’s the Difference?

Luxury bedroom decorated in various shades of gray, brown, and black with four panels of beautiful, lined medium gray drapes adorning three black-frame windows with light brown shadesJust as a well-tailored suit is instantly recognized for its superior appearance compared with one purchased off the rack, custom drapes deliver a touch of class that will elevate your indoor aesthetic in ways that off-the-shelf curtains simply can’t. The differences between custom and off-the-shelf window treatments might be hard to pinpoint for those outside the industry. But they can add up to a dramatic boost in how you feel about your home as well as how your guests perceive it.

Here are only two of the differences between custom drapes and off-the-shelf curtains that translate into a better value for your investment:

Precise Measurements

It takes training to properly measure a window for drapes, blinds, shades, or shutters. In the case of draperies, you’ll need to make some decisions even before you get out the tape measure. For example, how high above the top of the window do you want to hang your drapes? Do you want them to drop to just a few inches above ground level, or do you prefer the dramatic look of fabric pooling on the floor? Additionally, you’ll need to make sure your drapes cover a portion of the wall on either side of the window to prevent unwanted light from sneaking in when your window coverings are closed. A highly trained custom draperies provider will deliver perfectly sized window coverings to suit your preferences.

High-Quality Materials That Last

When you partner with a reputable custom window treatment professional—like one of the design consultants in the extensive Exciting Windows! network—you’ll receive draperies that are crafted with a superior lining. A high-quality lining delivers these benefits:

  • Increased durability, which means your custom drapes will last longer
  • The ideal weight for your drapes, so they’ll hang just right as they cover your windows
  • A boost in energy efficiency for your home because the thick lining will help prevent heat transfer through your windows

If you’d like to explore your options for adding beautiful custom drapes to your home’s windows, Exciting Windows! is ready to help. When you turn to one of the window treatment professionals in our network, you’ll get the expert assistance you need to make the ideal selection. You’ll also receive professional installation services and our 4-Way Guarantee. Contact us today for more information.