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Brightening Winter
with Exciting Windows!

by Exciting Windows! | December 15, 2016

We know that winter can be a long, and dark season. But with the right changes, you can brighten up your living quarters to bring the energy level up around you. With Exciting Windows! offering 20 percent off custom window coverings through December – with installation in January, there has never been a better time to add some energizing color to your room. Decorating around your window coverings can mitigate the shadows, and we’ve put together some easy tips for adding color to your space to help navigate those dark, dreary winter months that lay ahead.

Layer the Light

Rooms that are illuminated with just one type of lighting can feel shallow. Increasing the sources will positively affect the energy of any room. Experiment with multiple sources, especially if your lone source comes from overheard. Tap your creative energy and keep an eye out for usable space that can accommodate an extra floor or table lamp, to add an additional glow. Most importantly, have fun experimenting with what, and where,
looks best for your personal style.

Cellular shades add light control, as well as a colorful accent
to the stark white setting of this studio.

Bring On the Paint

If there’s one thing that instantly brightens a room, it’s a fresh coat of paint. While white is the best at accommodating light bouncing around the room, softer neutral grays will do the trick as well. Sheen or gloss options will provide the
best options for light disbursement.


Bright colors and patterns can enliven a room, and set the stage
for coordinating furniture, wall paint, carpeting and accessories.

Curtains UP!

Don’t forget about your draperies. Window treatments can easily be overlooked. Expand your windows with outside-mounted window treatments. An inch or two beyond the window frame edges will make windows appear bigger while ensuring privacy and minimizing light leakage. Additionally, capitalizing on the width of windows and securing the brackets above the window will create the illusion of greater height.

Using white, sheer curtains can make quite a difference as well, especially when they’re swapped in for already existing darker variations. Perking up your view out the window with draperies that bring energy to a room is a simple option. Think bold and/or playful or options that feature soft textures.

Sheer drapery softens a harsh outside view and provides
a relaxed sense of comfort to this corner high-rise apartment.


The Great Foliage Fix

Adding plants to your room(s) can add vibrant color and aesthetic appeal while making it a more inviting space. Research online or consult with a nearby nursery to identify plants that can survive in low-light, winter conditions. You’ll be surprised at the sense of light and transformative nature even just a single plant can provide.

A leafy print and soft natural colors harmonize the drapes
and top treatments with this room’s foliage.


Enjoy 20% Savings on window treatments
Through December

With the lack of sun, it’s easy to look around your home and feel the dark, low-energy
that comes with winter. But it doesn’t have to be the theme while you wait for April showers and May flowers. Exciting Windows! invites you to take advantage of our 20 percent off sale through December with installation in January. With our 4-Way Guarantee, unparalleled customer service promise and 21-point philosophy, now is the perfect time to book a free consultation, and to see what Exciting Windows! can do for you this winter season.


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