Design Your Sanctuary with Sheer Window Treatments

“Design your home as a perfect sanctuary for your soul…

…things of beauty when added to things of memories will always bring peace to it.”

A perfect sanctuary…we believe that the atmosphere of a home can add joy to your life like no other experience. The ambiance of your home, and your life, deserves softness and a gentle touch. Sheer. The epitome of softness in a single word. Like a dream, sheer window treatments will craft an environment of subtle awe. While sheer fabrics and shadings represent simplistic beauty and peacefulness, there exists an array of design styles created to inspire harmony for your unique home. We would love to help you determine the elements that will breathe life and style into your own personal sanctuary. Read on to discover the look that speaks to you…

Sheer Window Treatments - DraperiesSheer Draperies. The luxury of light, flowing fabric, with the functional options of partial privacy and UV protection. Harsh glare is transformed to glowing warmth as sheer beauty shields your home, yet allows you the continuous enjoyment of the outside view. Decorative hardware embellishes the space with complementary design features.

Sheer Window Treatments - Roman ShadesSheer Roman Shades. The graceful waterfall of fabric adds dimension to your space while harmful rays are reflected outside, allowing the natural light to disperse throughout the room for comfortable, serene light. Functioning effortlessly as a roman shade, yet displaying the beauty of a drapery, with view-through and partial privacy. Top treatments finish this look and present a contemporary edge for classic design.

Sheer Window Treatments - Sheer ShadingsHorizontal Sheer Shadings. Beautifully understated shadings that complement any style. The view-through and privacy options are at your fingertips. With even pleating and a low profile design, these shades offer a clean, contemporary look. Perfectly layered with draperies, or a top treatment, customize your window treatments to complete the look of your home. Ease of function, combined with the benefits of privacy and light control, allows you to set the ideal atmosphere.

Sheer Window Treatments - Sheer VerticalsVertical Sheer Shadings. Sophistication meets classic design with these shadings. The beauty and grace of draperies, combined with the functional benefits of vertical shades, allow you ease of control and dynamic view-through. The advantages of light control and privacy, with UV protection, make these shadings some of the most sought after. Embrace complementary style with top treatments complete the look.

Is there a look that speaks to you? The above categories only begin to introduce you to the airy charm of sheer window treatments. With our extensive selection of sheer fabrics and shadings, you can achieve the serenity you so deserve with a striking designer look. To accent your new sheer shadings, we would like to offer you $50 towards decorative hardware or a top treatment.

Sheer Window Treatments Sale

In addition, as you fall in love with what sheer window treatments can do for your home, just think of what a dream makeover could do. Exciting Windows is pleased to announce our $5,000 Makeover of Your Dreams.

Visit us at to find out about this amazing offer. The atmosphere of your home should be your own personal sanctuary. Let us help you create this luxury in your home with the inspirational look of sheers. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation.

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