Do Custom Window Treatments Increase Home Value?

If you’re selling your home, you’re probably looking for any way to increase its value. From new windows to a fresh coat of paint, you can squeeze a few more dollars from your sale.

But what about window treatments? Are you missing out on a valuable opportunity to infuse your home with more value because you decided against drapery? At Exciting Windows, we aim to educate and provide the area with the best custom window treatments. Let’s dig in further.

Can Custom Window Treatments Give My Home More Value?

Absolutely, but it all depends. Choosing the right window treatments for each room in your house can give your home more character and charm. In turn, this custom look can increase the value of your home by several thousand dollars. However, it’s vital to consider the following.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

Heading to your favorite department store or local home center is not always the best option. Dealing with a local window treatment company can provide you with customization and materials not available on your next trip to the store. Local window companies can help with material selection, color choices, and the finer details.

Professional Installation and Maintenance

Choosing custom window treatments also allows you to rely on a window company to design and customize your blinds or drapes to your specific windows. These companies can also provide window treatment installation work that perfectly installs your treatments without drilling several holes in your walls.

A Fresh Look

Giving each room in your home custom window treatments is another way to make it more marketable. While the chances are high that any buyer will want to change things up when they move into your home, providing them with built-in, high-quality drapes or blinds is one way to take something off their to-do lists.

Ready for Us to Help?

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