Do Window Treatments Come With a House?

When you’re buying a new home, it’s natural to wonder what is included with the purchase. One common question that arises is whether window treatments come with the house. Exciting Windows! will shed light on the answer and explain some nuances.

Understanding Window Treatments and Fixtures

In most cases, window treatments such as blinds, interior shutters, shades, and even curtain rods are considered fixtures. Fixtures are permanent elements attached to the house, typically with screws or nails. As a result, they are expected to convey with the sale of the property. “Convey” is the real estate term for the inclusion of an item with a property.

While window treatments are generally included in a home sale, there may be exceptions. Sellers can disclose specific items that do not convey with the property. It is crucial for both buyers and sellers to clearly define and document the inclusion or exclusion of window treatments in the seller’s property disclosure.

Negotiating Window Treatments

If you intend to take your window treatments with you when selling your home, you should remove them beforehand or replace them with a more affordable alternative. Clearly outline in the seller disclosure and marketing materials which window treatments will remain and be removed. Transparency ensures clarity for potential buyers.

As a buyer, if you desire to keep the existing window treatments, discuss your preferences with the seller and realtor. While some homeowners may want to retain their treatments, others may be open to negotiation. It is crucial to have any agreements regarding window treatments documented in writing as part of the contract.

Creating Your Window Treatment Style

If the house you purchase does not come with window treatments or if you desire a fresh look, Exciting Windows! can help. Contact Exciting Windows! today to learn more.