Effortlessly-controlled SMART Motorized Shades and Blinds Make YOU the Boss, WHEREVER You Are!

Affordable Luxury AND Maximum Convenience!

Hardly anyone thinks about how we once had to get up and walk all the way across a room to change the channels on a television anymore. Then when your show was too loud or the picture too dark… every time, it was a walk and a fidget to control those basic functions. Who can imagine living without the convenience of the “magical remote control” today?

Magical Remote

The same laborious exertions have long been necessary to manage most window shades and blinds. Each one has its own control (a pull; a wand, a chain or widget), and getting things just right takes time and more effort than anyone needs or should have to handle. The simplest motorized window fashions have been around for quite some time, and as long as moving them “up” or “down” were all you needed, they were great.

Enter “digitally controlled SMART blinds and shades”… THE most effortless systems to control the many functions of today’s technologically advanced window fashions.

While it may seem like an ultra-luxury to not have to operate your window treatments by hand, the comparison to a TV remote is a valid one. SMART shades and blinds make opening, closing and all other functions that new shades and blinds can perform completely EFFORTLESS. Many can also be controlled via smart devices like cell phones, pads and digital assistants, from across the room, another part of the house, and even from miles away.

You can control one, a few, or ALL of your SMART shade and blind systems from one location as you decide, controlling light and privacy, protecting your interiors, assisting in temperature control and helping manage energy costs in one set of easy movements at your touch.

Some are even voice-controlled, making SMART shades and blinds even MORE practical and convenient when mobility is an issue, and can reduce strain and effort when one could better expend either on comfort, enjoyment, safety and security. And they’re much more affordable than you’d guess!

Beautiful new SMART custom shades and blinds for your home make so much sense when it comes to effortless use, practicality, enjoyment, and even energy savings.  Your Exciting Windows! in-home window fashions specialist can tell you more, for one window or many!

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