Experience Gatherings of Warmth with Custom Window Treatments

Long after the plates have been cleared and the laughter has died out, the embers of your holiday gatherings will burn with warmth this holiday season and beyond. Fill your home with the atmosphere of beautiful hospitality and the warmth of tradition. Create a stunning backdrop for these important moments with an awe-inspiring scene of the gathered layers and rich fabrics of custom window treatments. It’s not too late. You still have time to order custom decor to create just the right look in time for your holiday traditions. During the month of November, we want to add to the warmth of the season by offering free lining for your custom window treatments.

Elements of Perfection.

The perfect gathering of family and friends would not be complete without all of the elements coming together in contribution to embrace these special moments. In setting a dramatic scene for your home, consider how the most important elements of gatherings can also envelope the characteristics of design for your custom window treatments. Favored traditions, delicious foods and, most importantly, the people you love – these are the treasures of your holiday gatherings. Now, let’s design the atmosphere that will fill your home with warmth.

Custom Window Treatments

Richness of Tradition.

During the holidays, tradition is customized in your own circles of family and friends. Tradition holds everything together. Decorative hardware offers the structural style you need for steadfast design. Choose hardware that complements the decor of your home, bringing everything together for a composed scene.

Custom Window Treatments

Enticing Cuisine.

Everyone looks forward to the savory dishes and lavish desserts of holiday gatherings. The food surrounding your table may not look anything like your neighbor’s, but the uniqueness of your gathering does not take away from the experience; it adds to it. As you style the scene of your home, choose custom window treatments that highlight the beauty of your home. Whether you love the composure of stationary drapery panels, or the added charm of top treatments, the scene you create should reflect your style and your personality.

Custom Window Treatments

Individual Charisma.

Much like the unique faire you serve, the people with whom you gather offer the individual charisma that makes your holiday memories ones that you’ll never forget. The warmth and richness found in the colors, patterns and textures of fabrics speak volumes of personality, of charm, of your home’s unique design. Much like your most treasured family and friends, the gathering of fabrics adds warmth by simply surrounding you with an atmosphere you love.

Custom Window Treatments

Like the elements of a beautifully staged production, the scene you create for the backdrop of your home this holiday season can speak of the warmth of gatherings and the people who fill our lives with richness of what is most important to us. It’s not too late for you to create the perfect scene this holiday season. During the month of November, we want to add to the warmth of your gatherings with free lining for the custom window treatments that will set your home apart. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation.