Find the Perfect Roman Shades for Your Home

Window Coverings Design MannequinThe right wardrobe is very important when expressing your personality. When it comes to designing your wardrobe, how do you choose your style? Do you even have time to choose the look that’s right for you? In my fantasy world, I would have a personal stylist to design my look, and they would already know whether I preferred tailored lines or ruffles. Because that is not an option, I rely on mannequins and merchandising to help me coordinate pieces to make an outfit complete. The same could be said for creating the look and style in your home. Like a well- fashioned wardrobe, window treatments complete the look of a room, setting the mood and atmosphere where you live. Much like creating the ideal outfit, incredible window treatments make you feel amazing when the whole look comes together. Does choosing the best window treatments seem overwhelming? Do you need a personal shopper? Absolutely. Like choosing the right wardrobe, you need certain elements of style that fit with your taste and personality. It might seem like a luxury, but we are here to help you find the perfect look for your home with Roman Shades.

Roman Shades are a classic look in window treatment fashion. These shades are unmatched in their versatility in using beautiful fabrics, textures and design options to create your personal style. The variations among Roman Shade styles can suit any look, from understated elegance to playful patterns. Because this timeless window treatment has the ability to complete any design, Roman Shades are a great place to start styling your windows like you would your wardrobe. You want a perfect fit. So do we. Finish the look of your room with Roman Shades, always available in many fabrics, patterns and textures. Read on to meet your style needs with the right type of Roman Shade.

Classic Roman ShadesClassic, Tailored & Professional: The Classic Roman Shade is what most people think of and features bottom folds when raised while lying flat in the lowered position. The appearance of these shades is clean and tailored with straight edges and effortless style. This look can work with many fabrics to accentuate the colors and personality you want in your home.

Hobbled Roman ShadesSofter, Voluminous & Statement-Making: Hobbled Roman Shades demonstrate softness and more texture in any position because the folds are present even when lowered. This characteristic can add dimension to a room. These shades can add a dynamic feature with a plain fabric because of the flowing folds. Using geometric patterns will create a bold look, while paisleys and large-scale jacquards bring an old-world elegance to a window.

Relaxed Roman ShadesCozy, Luxe & Chic: Relaxed Roman Shades offer a contoured, relaxed look as the shade is raised. A curve forms as each fold is added. Using a fabric embellished with a floral pattern will give your room a fresh, airy or romantic look. The sophisticated sheen of silk fabrics will add that shabby-chic feeling, while a plush fabric will speak volumes of soothing luxury.

Knife Pleat Roman ShadesContemporary, Determined & Simply Stunning: Knife Pleat Roman Shades can instantly create an atmosphere of sleek, stylish design. The finished look of these shades makes an understated design statement in any color, fabric or texture. These shades are ideal for someone who wants to define a room with clean lines. Interested in a splash of color? Band the bottom of your Knife Pleat Roman shades with a contrasting fabric or trim.

London Roman ShadesComfortable, Smooth & Elegant: London Roman Shades feature a softer feel, with a deep pleat near the folds. The edges drape down slightly when gathered, and the gentle texture offered with this look can accommodate many fabrics, including those which highlight a traditional print, novel style or retro elegance. These shades will most certainly create an environment filled with calm and relaxation, and are best for shades that are not moved often or for people who enjoy dressing the fabrics on their shades.

Ribbed Roman ShadesOrganized, Modern & Exact: Ribbed Pleat Roman Shades introduce a structured design, using thin rods sewn into the face of the shade to add texture to your windows. Instead of just a flat surface, this shade has a lined, precise look. These shades will set your room apart when it comes to designing your home. While you have many options for color, neutrals can keep your room calm. Shades of gray are a popular choice for a clean, crisp look. Choose from dove, charcoal or smoke, and enjoy an outstanding design.

Have you chosen the look that’s right for you? You deserve to enjoy window treatments that reflect the style and personality you want in your home. We want to be your personal shopper. There are so many options to choose from, but as you can see, Roman Shades are a great option for many different moods. Let us help you design an environment that feels great for you and your family. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation. We will help you sort through the endless possibilities!