For Your Patio: French Door & Patio Door Solutions


Patio Door Solutions“What should I do with my patio doors?”
“What solutions are there for sliding glass?”
“Are window treatments available for french doors?”

These are just a couple questions that we get all the time from our clients. Patio doors and sliding glass doors are an important part of your home. As a high traffic feature, your family needs a solution that will provide you with ease and design-specific function, while also ensuring energy savings from the wide expanse of window space with shading and insulation. It goes without saying that you want a beautiful window treatment to heighten the styling of such a large part of your living space. The choices we offer include high end window coverings with materials and fabrics to provide your home dramatic fashion.

Sliding Patio Door SolutionsSliding Glass Door Options. One of the most important features for sliding glass door solutions is operating features. Transverse operation, where the shadings slide from side-to-side is an ideal way to operate these window treatments. The entire treatment can be opened all the way when you want to enjoy full sun or constant traffic, while only opening your window coverings part-way can be an asset on days when you still want shading, and the traffic heading in and out of your home is on the light side.

French Door Ideas

French Door Options. The trickiest part of choosing window coverings for your french door solutions is efficiency of use. Because the doors often function independently, but are joined in the center, window coverings that allow you the function of the handles, with a low profile design, work best. Doors that are being opened and closed frequently require window coverings that attach in a specific fashion for durability and safety.

Patio DoorTime for a Pairing? We are not talking about what wine you should have with dinner, but an amazing design opportunity for your patio doors. This month, when you order two treatments to create a design pairing, such as the beautiful and efficient look of panel tracks with a top treatment, or vertical blinds with stationary drapery panels, your installation is free! Increase the beautification of your home, while receiving the installation on us. You can even choose to order a second shading in the shared space to coordinate with your patio door treatment. Pairing never tasted so good.

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