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by Exciting Windows! | January 1, 2017

January is coming to an end and with February right around the corner, we’re one step closer to spring. But with at least another month or two left, we’ll be helping to beat the winter blues by giving a free decorative pillow with the purchase of a custom fabric window treatment. With hundreds of styles, fabrics and colors, our certified consultants will help you take whatever vision you have over the top to create the custom room(s) that make you excited to live in. We know decorating isn’t always the easiest process, and that’s why we’re proud to offer free home consultations that feature our 4-way guarantee, 21 points of peerless customer service and philosophy of excellence. While you’re envisioning your perfect room, here are some decorative suggestions to enhance your living space.

Strategic Paint to Balance a Small Room

Maximizing a small, if not cramped living space can be tough. But along with windows, using a mirror or two with light paint on the walls will reflect natural external light and create the illusion of additional space. Darker colors, on the other hand, have the opposite impact, and may make the room feel even smaller. Choose lighter paint to avoid a boxed-in feel, even when you’re addressing a smaller space to begin with.

The deep blue painted walls highlight this room’s window treatments,
fireplace and accessories.

Light Up Your Life

Adjusting your lighting is one of the more important aspects of creating your room decor. In a perfect world, natural outdoor lighting could provide adequate feel for your space, but that’s not always realistic. To increase lighting, opening curtains or using light colors can go a long way into brightening your space. But often, natural light isn’t adequate to do the job alone. Deploying interior lighting can be a fun way to give a room additional life. The right internal lights can add to a room’s appeal and provide one of those subtle accents to whatever focal point you’ve chosen.

Eye Catcher

Choosing a focal point to anchor a room will attract attention and allow other items to play a supportive, complementary role. Choosing too many visual focuses can quickly add up and create sensory overload. A focal point could simply be a piece of art that cultivates conversation, a fireplace or even a headboard in a bedroom. Just make sure your main focus piece will draw attention and anchor the sight path, allowing the secondary pieces to create subtle accents that add to a room’s appeal.

Pillows and drapery create a coordinated theme
of luxurious comfort for this bedroom.


Green Zone For Larger Spaces

While wishing for larger space can come naturally when you’re occupying small living quarters, bigger rooms still come with unique challenges. If you have a loft, high ceilings or generally just a lot of space, using potted trees to fill vacant vertical height or bare corner areas that require some energy can yield a significant impact. In large spaces, you generally can’t go wrong with scaling up on the size of foliage. Additionally, it’s generally better to create cohesive center spaces while making sure your furniture isn’t sticking to the flanks or walls. But remember that plants work in small spaces as well; they’re an inexpensive way to add life and texture to any room.

And Finally… Increase Your Pillow Game

When done right, pillows can make all the difference in adding the texture and color to make a room interesting. Experiment with three different general rules — use different patterns while keeping the same color scheme, choose a lead fabric while using other, complementary color ways, or try the same background color with different and brightly colored patterns over top. You might be surprised at how much depth, character and pop creative pillow selections can create.

There’s no better time to start experimenting with pillow accents than now with Exciting Windows! Complimentary Pillow with your custom window treatment purchase.

Choose pillow styles that complement other room elements,
and coordinate or accent room decor.

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