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Having beautiful custom SMART shades and blinds adds luxury, privacy, and that special, leading-edge “WOW” to any window and décor. Precision electronics put you in total control of some of the most beautiful shades and blinds imaginable, so you can adjust every variable your window treatments allow… not just up or down… from the comfort of your favorite chair, the next room, or from a different city thousands of miles away.

Did you know that they can also be voice or touch controlled via many smart phones, PCs and pads, other devices, and digital assistants?  Some can even be programmed to automatically adjust at specific times of day so your rooms are kept warmer or cooler as desired, protected from harsh sunlight, and provide automatic privacy and security once interior lights come on.

Such performance brings rare luxury, ease of use and a “cool” concept to your rooms for everyone. But the “WOW” also comes the first time friends and family experience just how smart, effortless and gorgeous your SMART shade and blind systems are.  Owners of these systems say they might be the most coveted concept they have in their homes, making them a “must have.

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