What Kinds of Drapes or Curtains Are French Country Design?

French country design is marked by its natural, effortless quality. While French décor, in general, can be ornate and often over-the-top, the French country aesthetic incorporates design elements in a way that’s much more relaxed. At its essence is a refined elegance subdued by neutral color palettes and natural aspects, such as weathered and white-washed wood. When looking for drapes or curtains to complement French country décor, pay special attention to:


Warmth typifies the French country color palette. Although the palette’s foundation is neutral, color is used as a design accent that adds character. You can use any color, from sunny yellow and burnt rust to bright green and cobalt blue. Warm shades will help to create a welcoming, inviting aesthetic, while dark colors, such as blacks and grays, can be used, albeit sparingly, to punctuate a room’s bright colors and to define accessory pieces.


French country styles incorporate the stunning colors of the French countryside. This gives you broad leeway when choosing the fabric prints of curtains or drapes. Traditional fabrics blend well with basic plaids, checks, and stripes, particularly in modern homes. Prints that combine shades of primary colors with greens, lavenders, and bright orange also work well. For added character, you can use prints with traditional French country motifs such as roosters, olives, sunflowers, grapes, and beetles, which are also common elements in French tablecloths.

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