Fresh & Modern vs Classic & Traditional

Summer is coming! The start of a new season is the perfect time to update your home. Let in the sunlight, control room temperature, and protect your family and furniture from UV rays with window treatments.

Modern and traditional are two classic interior design styles boasting an array of applications for your home. Here are three different examples of how rooms can be transformed by custom window treatments in these popular styles while still remaining unique to the personality of the space– and those who call it home.

Modern Window Treatments

Modern window treatments are often confused with the contemporary style. However, contemporary styled window coverings illustrate the present moment.

Modern window treatments emphasizes the style in late 20th century. These types of window treatment designs incorporate lighting, open spaces, crisp lines, and the using natural materials. Here are some of our favorite modern window treatments.

1. Soothing Blue TV Room


Blue drapery panels on 3 large vertically oriented windows with 2 chairs sitting in front of them and a table in between.

Blue, while a bold shade, is known for its soothing properties. In this case, long teal drapes contrast cream walls for a rich, cozy sitting room. This shade of lighter teal also serves to complement the pops of blue elements in the space without overpowering the room with color. Also, see how the draperies frame the window and still allow for a bright and open space.


2. Rustic Retreat



Who says you can’t mix and match patterns? Be brave with your modern style decorating! These crisp white linen drapes feature bold black stripe detailing for a dramatic flair. The airiness of the drapes, white rugs & accents soften the otherwise dark room, filling the space with natural light. A creative and gorgeous use of window treatment colors in the modern style.


3. Sunny or Shady Family Room



Shutters are a classic window treatment that will never go out of style. In this living room, the warm gray tone contrasts with the white walls for a statement look without weighing it down. Shutters also serve to keep your home cooler in the summer by preventing sunlight from heating the air and fading furniture.


Traditional Window Coverings

Traditional window coverings are easily differentiated from the modern style. Identified by their ornately detailed fabric, elegant look with hanging draperies, & use of rich earthy toned hardware.

Customarily, traditional window treatments are layered with decorative valances to create the luxurious look. Get inspired with some of our favorite traditional window treatment ideas.


1. Luxe Country Bedroom



Coordinating valance panels and draperies is a great way to frame larger windows or sliding glass doors in bedrooms and family rooms. This look adds dimension to any room while patterned fabric options bring a sense of style and personality.


2. Light-filled Living Room


Swag curtains draping down on a dark curtain rod in a living room.

Let the light pour into your living room with draped swags. This window treatment brings traditional charm into your home while highlighting the outdoors and allowing natural light to filter in. A beautiful wooden rod is accentuated by the gently draping fabric while neatly complementing other dark wood accent pieces in the room.


3. Royal Red Dining Room


Traditional floral draperies paired with sheer curtains in a family dining room.

Rich red drapery panels over sheer curtains add a sense of stateliness to this dining room fit for royalty. The sheer curtains maintain privacy while letting in the light. Their light cream tone also prevents this room filled with dark features from looking too musty or overwhelming.


Which one should I choose, modern or traditional?

Each of these two classic trends offer many different applications depending on the room. Whether you choose light and breezy modern or classic traditional, these two popular styles can be interpreted in a myriad of ways to suit your home. You can even incorporate all of the lift options for window treatments in each of these styles.

In Love With Modern Or Traditional Treatments?

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