Give Yourself the Ultimate Gift of a More Beautiful, Comfortable Home!

October brings thoughts of holidays to come, and to a new year just around the corner.  What could be more satisfying than to celebrate a new year with fresh décor featuring luxurious custom window treatments for YOUR home? They’re a gift that really lasts for all who live and visit there, making rooms more comfortable, private and more personally yours, which is what truly custom window fashions designed, tailored and professionally installed just for you provide!  What’s more, you don’t even have to have a clear idea of what you’re looking for when you call me, your at-home window fashions professional, because I’ll bring a universe of great ideas, products and problem-solving expertise right to your rooms, where we can create your dream windows together!

Wouldn’t it be great to have your TV, media or theater room “Superbowl viewing-ready” with light filtering, abating or blackout window treatments for maximum viewing enjoyment?  Think also about cozy family room or den evenings reading or pursuing hobbies in the privacy and perfect light that proper window fashions can offer.  How about Intimate winter dining entertainment (Spring, Summer and Autumn, too!), as well as festive parties with windows showcasing your interior décor, outdoor views and obvious pride in your home.  Nothing advances the cause better and enhances home value more than custom window fashions that absolutely match the scale and design of any window, because they’re made to exact measure!

Add lined custom draperies over existing or new blinds, shade or shutters for maximum control in all light and temperature conditions.  Perhaps a gorgeous custom valance or cornice over each window in your room of choice to add polish and depth.  Maybe innovative new sheers will help give a fresh new voice to your interiors, allowing light in while providing privacy and daylight, and elegance when the sun sets.  There are SO many great fabrics, textures, materials and design innovations to consider, you’re bound to be delighted when we see what’s possible, with YOUR budget as the starting point, not the conclusion!


We’d love to show you how lovely, practical and affordable owning custom window fashions is, in the rooms where they’ll be seen and enjoyed. CLICK HERE to learn more about all we can accomplish with amazing, custom-tailored window treatments that work for YOU and your home for a fresh new year! Call us for your free at-home consultation, and we’ll get started making your rooms more comfortable and beautiful!