Going Green with the Beauty of Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Nature provides our lives with a calm, serene feeling of peace. Bringing the beauty of nature into your home can provide natural harmony with the use of natural fibers and textures commonly seen outdoors. In an effort to achieve an earth-friendly lifestyle, more and more of our clients are taking steps to “go green”, outfitting their homes for high levels of energy efficiency. The concept of energy efficient window treatments means that your family will be comfortable – staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter – all while doing your part to save the earth. A common concern that our clients have, as they begin a window treatment project, is how to achieve energy efficiency while still maintaining a high level of interior design. The myth is that it can’t be done. Many people believe that to create an environment for energy efficiency, you must sacrifice style. This is simply not true. We love the challenge we face when this concern is raised because we have answers for you! Our experts have put together a few tips for your next project so you can accomplish the best of both worlds: Energy efficient window treatments that go above and beyond the style expectations.

Transformation of a Classic: Cellular Shades

Energy Efficient Window TreatmentsThe striking look you can achieve with this genius of energy efficient window treatments is the epitome of poised confidence. Contemporary and stylish, the sleek, sophisticated design of cellular shades will heighten the level of style in your home with the uniform structure and the fashion forward selection of fabric and texture choices. Featuring various pleat sizes, your home is provided a dynamic appearance, while the cellular design delivers an outstanding performance with high levels of energy efficiency.

The Layering Effect: Drapery Panels for a Dramatic Effect

Energy Efficient Window TreatmentsAchieve a stunning look with the dramatic effect of layering your energy efficient window treatments with drapery panels. Layering with drapery panels allows you to highlight eye-catching characteristics of colors and fabrics to complement your style, while providing your home the utmost in energy efficiency with neutral shadings. With room-darkening and sound absorption options available, you and your family will sleep better, and you can rest easy, knowing you are conserving high levels of energy with energy efficient window treatments.

Just Add Power: Automation to Amaze

Energy Efficient Window TreatmentsAutomation turns an ordinary, energy efficient window treatment into a dynamic backdrop. The function of your shades becomes effortless with motorization. The ability to raise and lower your shades with the push of a button means that you will be conserving energy. The cool air stays inside during the hot summer months, and the heat stays inside during the summer. With Lutron’s battery powered automation lasting from 3-5 years, you can rest assured that you will experience the benefits of “going green” with the power of automation.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: We want to help!

In an effort to increase recycling for a healthier planet, we are offering an “Earth-Friendly Recycling Sale” for you to trade in and trade up! This summer sale allows you to receive credit for your old window treatments. We will take down and recycle your old window treatments, while you refresh your room with something new at $10/per linear foot credit for your old window treatments, up to $200. Do the Earth a favor by recycling what’s old, and get rewarded with credit towards new! This is a great opportunity to outfit your windows with energy efficient window treatments.


The cool, calm environment created when you “go green” with energy efficient window treatments allows you to feel like you are doing your part to protect the earth, at the same time, protecting your family’s home. We would love to help you equip your home with beauty and energy efficiency to achieve the home of your dreams. Through August, Exciting Windows! is exclusively offering a $5,000 Makeover of Your Dreams. Visit our website at http://www.excitingwindows.us/sweepstakes/ for your chance to win this amazing sweepstakes. Check out our next newsletter to find out how to incorporate stripes for All-American Styling!

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