Last Minute Holiday Window Decor Ideas

holiday-window-decor-ideasNow that the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone and the Black Friday shopping rush is over, it’s hard to deny the holidays will be fast approaching for your family!

Do last minute plans have you scrambling?

Are the in-laws coming to town?

Make sure you are prepared to bring the cheer this season by brightening up your home with these 5 quick and easy last-minute holiday window decor ideas.

5 Last Minute Holiday Decor Ideas

It’s never to late to decorate for the holidays. With these easy holiday window decor ideas, your neighbors are going to be saying bah humbug, why didn’t we think of that!? So queue the carolers and break out the eggnog, here are 5 quick and easy, last minute holiday decorating ideas.


1. Easy Garland DIY

Let the kids in on the holiday decorating fun! Assemble small boxes wrapped like presents, candy canes, festive ribbons, and ornaments on the table.

Have them tie the various holiday doodads to the ribbons to create a holiday garland. Drape loosely over the curtain rod, securing ribbon on each end to keep it in place.


diy-christmas-window-decoration_072. Holiday Card Display

Wondering how to display the plethora of holiday greeting cards arriving in your mailbox? Instead of banishing them to a cluttered pile in the corner, display them in your window!

Simply string up strands of ribbon or twine across the width of your window and secure your favorite cards up using clothespins.


3. Hanging Candy Canes

Ensure the holiday season is a sweet one with candy canes! Tie colorful ribbons to the arch in each candy cane and tie them to the curtain rod or secure to the top of the window at varying lengths.

Finish your holiday display by draping a fresh or faux evergreen garland around the top of the window frame. Bonus points for adding twinkling holiday lights!


4. Frosted Glass DecalsDIY-Christmas-decorations

Decals are a simple way to decorate your windows without hassle and mess. Visit your local craft or party supply store for a variety of holiday decals.

Try a sprinkling of falling snowflakes, let frost gather in the corners, and spell out a cheerful holiday greetings with easy to apply, easy to remove static cling decals.



diy-christmas-window-decoration_055. Dangling Ornaments

Gather various lengths of ribbons and ornaments together for this simple holiday window decoration. Tie ribbons through the hooks of each ornament so it dangles off the end.

Hang the ribbons from the top of the window at varying lengths, alternating between ornament styles for a festive look. Try red glass baubles and snowflake ornaments for a classic look.


Holiday decorating ideas for your windows don’t have to be messy and complicated. Remember to focus on time with family and friends this season and don’t let the magic pass you by.

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