How Long Should Curtains or Draperies Be?

How Long Should Curtains Be?As with many quandaries in life, the answer to the question of how long curtains or drapes should be is “it depends.” Windows come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, and there are also dramatic variations in homeowner preferences and interior design schemes. Any draperies you select will play a significant role in creating the ambience of your room, whether that’s light, airy, and zestful or elegant and serene. Although there are general guidelines for the proper length of curtains or drapes, homeowners who want their windows to look their best in the unique setting of their home will opt for custom draperies that are tailored to meet their specific design needs. Ready-made curtains come in only a handful of standard lengths, which means they’re unlikely to provide the just-so appearance that discerning homeowners are after.

Should Draperies Touch the Floor?

Most interior design professionals agree that curtains or drapes should extend at least a few inches below the windowsill to avoid appearing too short. But should they extend all the way to the floor? Here are a few factors to consider:

Down to Earth Has Its Charms

Drapes that barely graze the floor often suit modern homeowners because they’ll provide a sophisticated, streamlined appearance while collecting less dust and other debris than curtains with excess length typically do.

Extra Length Creates Extra Drama

Many homeowners appreciate the dramatic effect created by extra-long draperies that “pool” on the floor. This style harks back to the days when affluent homeowners dressed their parlor windows in ornate draperies, and extravagance was the norm in interior décor. For today’s homeowners, extra-long fabric might be a good choice for draperies that remain open most of the time, creating a decorative fabric frame for the window. In this case, the surplus length can be cleverly arranged at the floor to create a touch of flair.

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