How to Choose Curtains for Small Windows

Rustic style bedroom with beams and sloping ceiling and wide but short window covered with lightweight shades and long curtains to give the impression of more heightChoosing curtains or drapes for a small window involves many of the same steps as picking out the best drapes for a larger window. For example, you’ll want to pinpoint your priorities in terms of:


What is the view from your small window? Do you want to maximize it? Can outsiders see inside the room through the window, and therefore is privacy a concern? If not, you may have the option of adding light-colored or even semi-sheer curtains that will allow a generous view of the outdoors and an abundance of light to bathe the room. If your small window is in a bedroom, however, you’ll need to choose curtains that can adequately prevent light from streaming in at night and interfering with sleep.

Aesthetic Appeal

As with any window treatments, you’ll want to consider the overall room décor as well as the ambience you’d like to create. For example, dark, heavy fabrics will appear elegant, but they may make a small window look even tinier. In this case, you may be able to achieve the visual effect you’re after by combining medium-weight drapes with sheer curtains.

Bringing Out the Window’s Best Features

Consider exactly how your window is small. If it’s tall and narrow, you can hang long drapery panels on either side of the window so that they’re partially covering the wall, making it appear that the window is wider than it is. If your window is short and wide, you can pair a valance with draperies and have it installed above the window so that it covers the trim and the bottom edge meets the glass. This will give the illusion of more window height.

The best way to select window coverings for small, large, and unusually shaped windows is to team up with a custom window treatment expert. You can find the perfect professional partner in your community with the help of Exciting Windows! We have an extensive network of friendly, knowledgeable design consultants who help customers find exactly the right fit for their windows. What’s more, when you partner with one of our members, you’ll be guaranteed to receive high-quality, long-lasting materials at the best prices. Contact us today for more information.