How Window Coverings Can Make or Break Your Room Décor

Bedroom with dark blue-green walls and floral-pattern shades that match throw covers on the bedDo you view your windows as large pieces of artwork just waiting for the ideal frame to showcase their spectacular outdoor views? Or as opportunities to add coverings that subtly enhance other features of your room décor? No matter how you think about your windows, it’s likely that they occupy a lot of wall space and therefore will naturally draw the eye of anyone who steps into the room. Here are only two of the ways that interior design pros say window coverings can make or break your room décor:


If your living room celebrates history with a Queen Anne-style sofa and chairs and an ornate vintage rug, you’ll want your window coverings to keep pace with that dramatic effect. This likely means choosing plush fabric draperies that extend from above your windows all the way to the floor, or possibly traditional Roman shades with elegant, cascading folds. On the other hand, if your room houses brightly colored, contemporary furniture, you may opt for white interior shutters or light-colored blinds paired with a saucy cornice or valance to add color and give the top of your windows a finished appearance.


Choosing the right window covering can make a small window look bigger or even dress up a plain-Jane rectangular window so that it looks like the belle of the ball. A common trick among interior designers is to extend a curtain rod beyond the edges of the window frame and hang drapes so they cover an area that’s larger than the window. Another tip: If you’re decorating a small room and would like to make it look bigger, choose drapes that are the same color as the walls.

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