Warmer Days Ahead… Ideas for Patio Doors

Come Daydream with Me…

This is the time of year when I start to daydream. I begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter what the thermometer outside reads. I try to remember that warmer weather is around the corner, and I daydream. I imagine the breeze, warm and comfortable, filling my home with fresh air and the sounds of springtime. I think about listening to the birds chirping from just beyond my windows, while rays of sunshine dance through the swaying trees.

One of the things I love the most about the arrival of springtime is the set of sliding doors I have leading to the patio. It is finally possible to start using them again, for more than just a picturesque view. Yes, I said using my patio doors. I know there are many people who consider this a foreign concept. Some common issues are patio door coverings that do not fit, have become an eyesore, or are difficult to maneuver. Some of you do not even have window treatments for your patio doors just to avoid these problems. You are left to deal with too much sun, escaping air leading to drafts of cold in the winter and gusts of heat in the summer. However, there is a solution to any and all of the difficulties associated with patio doors.

Panel Tracks by Graber are an ideal solution for sliding doors and other windows in your home. Sliding panels move with ease for complete function of your windows. Panel Tracks offer the versatility for multiple window solutions so you are able to coordinate the style of your home from window to patio door with a clean, inspired look. Choose from a huge selection of fabrics with patterns or textures to compliment your décor. Solar Mesh reduces the glare entering your home, yet continues to allow you to enjoy the view just beyond your windowscape. Panel Tracks are available with room darkening fabrics for the ultimate light control experience. Children and pets remain safe and secure with durable materials and the option of cord-free panels. Another great feature is the affordability. You can delight in knowing that your beautiful, effortless window treatments were just the right price!

Do you want to daydream with me? Do you want to look forward to enjoying springtime just outside your windows? Panel Tracks by Graber will alleviate the difficulties of function, while offering a stunning look for your home.