Consider Your Local Climate When Choosing Indoor Window Treatments

If there’s one thing that can affect how comfortable your home is, it’s the weather outside. While your air conditioning does most of the work in making your home comfortable year-round, you can let your window treatments do some of the work, too!

With Exciting Windows, you can have indoor window treatments that help lower your energy bills and make your home comfortable 24/7. However, you must understand your climate to make the right decision. Let us be your guiding light.

Understanding Your Local Climate

Knowing about your home’s unique climate is not just about checking the weather daily; it’s about understanding the long-term changes between days, weeks, months, seasons, and years.

Areas with colder weather will require window treatments that can help trap heat better. Warmer weather climates need treatments to help keep the sun from penetrating the window.

Treatments Based on Your Climate

Your choice of window treatments will largely depend on the climate in your area. Take these thoughts into consideration based on your climate:

  • Hot climate: Consider solar shades or blackout curtains to help reduce heat gain.
  • Cold climate: Insulative materials will help your home retain heat.
  • Humid climate: Prevent mold and mildew issues with faux wood or PVC options for blinds and shutters.
  • Dry climate: Intense sunlight means you’ll need window treatments with UV protection to prevent fading.

Whatever your need, consider each option and prioritize climate-friendly materials during your indoor window treatment installation. Your home will be more comfortable, and you’ll increase your style game.

Trust Exciting Windows

Whether you live in a warm or cold climate, Exciting Windows has exactly what you need to make your home more comfortable. With our selection of window treatments, you’ll find an option that will instill more style and charm into any room of your home. For more information, contact us today!