Layers of Sheer Luxury – Sheer Window Treatments

Soft light filters into your home, adding a glow of warmth in the air. The fresh breeze of springtime flows ever so gracefully, as your new draperies wistfully dance in dreamy softness. Sheer shadings, sheer fabrics…sheer joy. The sophistication of sheers means that you receive beautifully dispersed natural light that is filtered, creating the most distinctive ambiance. Adding sheers to your home means you no longer have to choose between enjoyment of your view or your comfort, as the elements of view-through and comfortable setting go hand-in-hand with sheer fabrics and shadings.

With a new season upon us, and the increasing daylight hours, protect your home, your furnishings and your mood from the harsh glare of the sun. That’s not all. The hottest look of the season will incorporate the cool, decisive act of layering. Layering uses impeccable design choices, combined with your unique taste and the functional elegance of window treatments to bring you the ideal atmosphere and the perfect look for your home. The beauty of layering allows you the freedom to combine styles which complement one another – sheers are perfect for this – and an avenue to display characteristics that provide you a striking, designer look.

EW-AprilEblast-ArticleIMG-LongGet the layered look. Highlight your unique style with complementary features of sheer window treatments. Start with the creation of ambiance. Atmosphere sets the mood, and you want one that includes the functional features of window treatments, along with the stunning display that only sheers can provide. Choose from a wide selection of sheer products, from treatments that offer airy charm to those that speak volumes of contemporary style; the different types of sheers all offer a unique touch for your personal space. To successfully achieve the layering effect, choose two of the following three options: draperies, top treatments and decorative hardware. Draperies offer luxurious fabrics and richness of color for your home, allowing you to display effortless style in long-lasting tradition or whimsical trend. Decorative hardware complements your look by bringing together the elements of style in the room. Customize your display with a decorative track – one of subtly or embellishment – a key piece of compelling design. Top treatments present a polished appearance, embracing qualities of sophistication and chic complexity. When added to the dynamic look of sheer fabrics. these elements will be the finishing touch for your dream design. We would love to help you discover the beauty and benefits of layering. Our style experts can guide you through the selection process, as you find what speaks to you. To help you achieve the perfect layered look for your home, we are offering $50 towards decorative hardware or a top treatment with any sheer window treatment order.


Achieve the most sought after look this season, the layering effect, beginning with the stylish air of sheer fabrics and shadings. By enhancing your home with sheer window treatments, you receive all the benefits of glowing ambiance, beautiful views and effortless style. Contact our style experts so you can discover what sheer fabrics and shadings can do for your home.

The makeover of your dreams. We know that once you experience the flowing softness of sheers, with the benefits of gentle light for your eyes, UV protection for your home and privacy options to reflect from the outside, while allowing continual view-through from the inside, you will be amazed. Exciting Windows is offering a $5,000 Makeover of Your Dreams. Simply visit for your chance to win this amazing sweepstakes. Start planning the transformation of your home today!