Let’s Beat the Coming Heat and Save Energy Dollars with Beautiful New Window Fashions!

With “High Summer” just around the corner, and soaring summer air-conditioning costs looming, now is a perfect time to fix one of the main window-related issues that affect the temperature and light in your rooms: Your Window Treatments!
Whether choosing a layer of high-tech shading or blinds, lovely and innovative cellular (some of which are even shear to protect your views!), or something infinitely variable like plantations shutters, woven natural blinds or sunshade technology, you can control the hot sunlight and color-damaging UV rays that make your rooms less comfortable and fresh-looking. Custom Window Treatments designed and made exclusively for YOUR windows and décor can save serious energy dollars by helping keep rooms cooler when you choose from an amazing array of gorgeous style, fabrics, designs and products designed specifically for this very purpose.  They do the very same in winter by keeping rooms warmer by providing a layer of insulation from the cold that emanates from windows, so year-round savings from beautiful new window treatments make absolute sense.  I’m a trained expert in ALL window treatment styles and products, and not limited to just one product line, but many, so together we can find the perfect solutions for your rooms without fail!
What’s more, we work within YOUR budget to find you the best and most appropriate and hard-working window fashions for every specific use, and can supply great alternative products and brands to make your dollars go farther.  We don’t just represent one manufacturer or designer line… we work to help you make the best choices for your home and your needs, and we want you to consider every option you care to for your home and family. Only then will you have truly “custom” window fashions tailored exclusively for you!
Best of all are the beauty, privacy and comfort that amazing window fashions can bring you, for years to come.  No other décor project brings greater benefits and value to your rooms for you and family, so let’s get started while the savings are waiting!
CLICK HERE to learn more about all we can accomplish with amazing, custom-tailored window treatments that work for YOU and your home! Then call us for your free at-home consultation, and we’ll get started making your rooms more comfortable and beautiful, too!