Let’s Decorate Together without Being Together!

We are all experiencing more time at home, and see things we want to change to make our home cozy, fun, beautiful, and secure. But with all the uncertainty, it takes creativity and innovation to move forward.  So let’s rescue your next decorating project!

Try our new “Exciting Windows! Online Design at a Distance” consultation process.  It will take your custom window treatment shopping experience to a new level of convenience, safety and collaboration.

We absolutely love to meet you in person in your home, but this new process is the next best thing to being there.  We will make it as easy and fun as possible to share your dreams and images of your home, then we can help you choose the best options for fabrics, shades, hardware and more – all with easy tools on your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Enjoy working with a pro to create the perfect mood with great ideas in blinds, drapery, motorized shades and shutters.

Don’t worry about settling for off-the-shelf window treatments from get-it-for-less websites.  As always, this is a full-service process for you, including all necessary precautions for the health and safety of you and our team.  It may take a little longer during this season, but you’ll get to enjoy truly custom window treatments for many years to come – and you DON’T HAVE TO WAIT to get started.

So let’s Decorate Together without Being Together!

Experience at-home decorating with a true professional without literally being in the same room, but by being together VIRTUALLY via video. We can plan your project online together, maintain distancing, and deliver samples to your door.  Your window treatments will be created and finished by trained window fashions artisans, and expertly installed by true craftspeople as soon as that becomes safely possible.

Another bonus of getting started now is that you are shopping locally and  helping countless working people stay employed during the current uncertainty. Your desire for a more beautiful, comfortable home will benefit many.

We can start as soon as you call for a FREE VIRTUAL at-home consultation, and explore your dreams and ideas for each room. Then we will (virtually) bring you.

Have a project you’ve been MEANING TO GET AROUND TO for years?  Let’s get it rolling today with our new virtual creative process via video, phone and online.

There is no reason NOT to get started on the most valuable upgrade you can make to your beautiful home if you want to do it now. We’ll simply Decorate Together without BEING Together”!

We’d love to show you how great your rooms will feel after you truly “finish the space” with custom window fashions. CLICK HERE to learn more about a personal online consultation.   Call us for your free VIRTUAL at-home consultation, and we’ll get started making your rooms more comfortable and beautiful.