Window Treatments: Light Filtering vs. Room Darkening

When you need to add just the right amount of natural light to set the mood of a room, or when you need to catch up on sleep during the daytime, your window treatment makes a big difference. Many homeowners discover, however, that they need more light control than what their current blinds or shades allow. For instance, homeowners who frequently entertain often prefer light-filtering shades that offer the soft and even glow that artificial lighting can’t replicate, and many night-shift workers who sleep during the day need blinds that provide more room darkening.

If you’re considering having either light-filtering or room-darkening window treatments installed, you should know the key ways in which the two categories differ, so that you can ensure you’re getting the window treatment that will best serve your specific needs.

Light Filtering

Light-filtering window treatments give you more control over how light enters and illuminates a room. They are great for spaces that don’t require complete darkness or privacy, like your living room or dining room. Light-filtering treatments can transform harsh sunlight into everything from an even brightness to a soft glow.

Sheer shades and honeycomb shades are two popular light-filtering window treatments. Any of these options can serve most light-filtering needs, whether for softer light or more light diffusion.

Room Darkening

Room darkening is a category between light filtering and blackout. While room-darkening treatments offer more light control than light-filtering options, they don’t block light completely. Room-darkening window treatments are best in bedrooms and bathrooms, keeping a room almost completely dark during the day while providing total privacy.

Roman shades are popular room-darkening window treatments; they dramatically reduce glare and lend a clean, understated style to a room. They also practically disappear when retracted.

Where to Find Light-Filtering and Room-Darkening Window Treatments

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