Make the Most of Your Home with Custom Window Treatments

April is here. Have you completed the dreaded task of doing your taxes? Whether you do them yourself, or gather everything for a tax professional, the responsibility is heavy. We want to help you with taxes this month while making the most of your home. Yes, that’s right! This month, we want to pay the sales tax on your order of custom window treatments. Bring in the beauty of springtime and sunlight with custom window treatments that will fill your home with soft light and complement your decor.

Make the most of your home.

Your home is unique, and so are your windows. The way the light enters your home can have a profound effect on you and your family. Custom window treatments can transform the look of your home while providing tremendous benefits. Capture the right amount of light for a natural glow, yet protect the inside of your home at the same time from the frustrating problems of incoming glare. Custom window treatments offer privacy, light control, energy efficiency and UV protection where you need it most. This month, we are granting you the gift of your sales tax when you order custom window treatments that help you make the most of your home.

Intense light interfering with your lifestyle?

Custom Window TreatmentsSheer fabrics can offer you the benefits of soft, filtered light for a warm glow. Don’t feel as if you need to shut yourself off from the world if your home gets too much light. Embrace the light! The beauty of sheers – whether in panels or window coverings – will transform that glare. Fill your home with the graceful illumination of natural light, while still enjoying the beautiful view just beyond your windows. This month, we want to help you make the most of the light in your home by paying the sales tax on your order of custom window treatments.


Frame your windows in style.

Custom Window TreatmentsThe tradition of custom window treatments will provide a striking look in your home. If the springtime light coming through your windows is often warm and inviting, choose top treatments and drapery panels to frame your windows. The distinct look of top treatments with drapery panels adds a dramatic backdrop to your home and your life, while the operation of drapery panels allows you privacy and light control when you need it. Make the most of your home’s decor, as the colors, patterns and textures of springtime fabrics refresh your home this season.


Layer the look for style and comfort!

Custom Window TreatmentsPrivacy, light control and style…the benefits of custom window treatments are at your fingertips, as you make the most of the light and atmosphere in your home. Layering is a trend that’s here to stay, as you choose elements of style that will heighten your decor and functional benefits at your windows for endless comfort. Pair the beauty of window coverings with custom window treatments for a unique look that’s all your own. The best part? We are paying your sales tax this month on those custom window treatments.

The month of April always holds the dreaded stigma of tax season. We want to change that this year. Let us help you make April the month when you make the most of your home with the beauty of custom window treatments. While we’re at it, as a special gift this month, we are paying the sales tax on those custom window treatments. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation.