Mild Winter? Even So, Who Isn’t Ready for Summer?

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In most parts of North America, this year’s winter was just not all winter usually is. Less snow and warmer temperatures generally prevailed, and it was almost easy to think about being outdoors in short sleeves even in January many places. Chances are, you saved some money on your heating bills due to the lack of cold outside and radiant air coming from your windows this time around, which was a real boon during these economic times. Why not experience those savings again, year after year, by exploring high R-rated custom window fashions and products designed specifically to save energy and energy dollars, too, even when it’s seasonally cold AND hot outside!

As I often say, energy-efficient custom window fashions aren’t what they used to be… dowdy, heavy and dark thermal fabrics, and unlovely, often frumpy designs. Great and beautiful innovations in fabrication, materials and coatings have replaced those old warhorse quilted roller shades that did a fine job way back when. Now, most high R-rated window treatments can’t even be detected as such, and I’d love to show you just how beautiful, economical (and SMART) these innovations can be. Call me for a free at-home consultation, and I’ll bring everything right to you.

Michael Payne’s Window Décor Tip of the Month:
Control your “Day-Lighting” with Window Fashions!

There’s just no better place in your room to make it look its best than at your windows, and it all starts by having the perfect control over the light that enters there. It’s best when there are more options that just “open” and “closed”, since the quality and strength of light varies all day long. Layering levels of light control, such as draperies over shades or blinds, or sheers under lined draperies, give you the most flexibility in allowing just the right amount of light into any room, and can save you money in heating and cooling bills almost immediately. This can also protect your interiors from the sun’s harmful UV light that can damage colors, fabrics and finishes. Have a chat with your Window Fashions Professional to get a good assessment on how you can protect both your rooms AND your wallet with window treatments that work for you!

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