From Mediocre to Masterpiece…a Perfectly Styled Bedroom for You!

Nothing puts you in the mood for romance more than feeling good about yourself. For Valentine’s Day this year, give yourself the gift of confidence with the beauty of a perfectly styled bedroom. From flowing folds to crisp linens, the rich fabrics and materials found in our custom bedding and window treatments will make you feel as if you were in a dream. Not sure where to start? Find the style that speaks to you with our handy inspiration guide. We would love to help you design the bedroom of your dreams. During the month of February, take advantage of the opportunity to receive $250 off of a purchase of $2500 when you order custom window treatments or custom bedding. Our design experts can make your inspiration a reality!

Beauty, Sophistication and Charm…Find Your Style!

Your bedroom is a reflection of you, a glimpse into your personality. Let us help you discover yourself as you decide which elements of style speak to you. Nothing short of a sensory experience, a perfectly styled bedroom will enrich your life with the fabrics and textures that surround you.

Sophisticated Luxury

A Perfectly Styled Bedroom

An environment of warmth and richness, Sophisticated Luxury brings elements of luster and illumination into your home for a perfectly styled bedroom. Indulge yourself with the bold colors and plush finishes of custom bedding and window treatments. The natural light will add glowing beauty to your room, as all of the elements of your custom finishes complement one another for a unique design.

Cozy Chic

A Perfectly Styled Bedroom

Wistful and airy, Cozy Chic provides an atmosphere of eclectic charm. Soft hues of blues and greens add color to the white backdrop of this upscale cottage look. The bedding will often feature white on white textures, as the plump pillows display flowing design in subtle colors reminiscent of nature’s beauty. Window treatments, like the warmth of drapery panels layered with sheers, allow the sunshine to filter in, filling the room with natural light.

Contemporary Sleek

A Perfectly Styled Bedroom

Full of modern design, Contemporary Sleek can offer you a perfectly styled bedroom. From sophisticated fabrics with bold patterns, like chevron or lattice, to clean lines and the freshness of light, your bedroom will be a picture of designer style. Stationary drapery panels, in combination with the cutting-edge style of window shades, will ensure a finished look. Metallic hardware will add the the sleek style, while well-chosen accent pieces highlight the unique personality of your bedroom.

Traditional Classic

A Perfectly Styled Bedroom

From the elegance of rich fabrics, to the timeless hues, you can design a perfectly styled bedroom. Classic fabrics will feature coordinated pieces throughout the room for a timeless look. Embellished drapery panels will set a dramatic scene, with the complementary elements of cornice boards, top treatments and banding for an exquisite look. Intricate wood detailing adds to the richness and warmth of the room, while the softness of fabrics adorn your bed. Classic design for endless style.

Colorful Charm

A Perfectly Styled Bedroom

Colors have the power to stir something within us. Colorful Charm in your bedroom will set the mood, the atmosphere, the style of a space. For a perfectly styled bedroom, you may want to let the focal point be the bold, vibrant colors. Choose colors that encourage your happiness, your relaxation. Florals can offer a flowing softness or a lively zest. By choosing your favorite colors, everything else will fall in place for a coordinated look. The fabric of your window treatments and bedding will bring the room together, while the textures and patterns will highlight the personality of the colors.

What style speaks to you? We have so many ideas to share with you, and we would love to know what inspires you. During the month of February, you can achieve a perfectly styled bedroom while you receive $250 off of a purchase of $2500 when you order custom window treatments or custom bedding. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation.