Modern vs. Contemporary Window Treatments: What’s the Difference?

A pair of windows adorned with privacy sheers that features light and dark shades of gray as well as drapes with a black-and-gray geometric patternThe words “modern” and “contemporary” may seem synonymous, but in the interior design industry, they refer to different styles. “Modern” refers to styles that were popular in the mid-20th century, circa the 1950s and ‘60s. Hallmarks of this type of design include clean, crisp lines combined with earthy colors and textures.

“Contemporary” refers to designs that follow popular trends in today’s décor, although some professionals may consider designs dating from the 1970s forward to be contemporary. Generally, contemporary designs continue the trend toward minimalism that began with the modern aesthetic. However, a contemporary interior décor is likely to be based on colors of black, white, and gray, accented by restrained use of deep red, bright orange, or other striking hues.

Choosing Modern vs. Contemporary Window Treatments for Your Home

Fortunately, there are overlaps in modern and contemporary design schemes that translate into plenty of opportunities to select window treatments that suit your needs and tastes without being overly focused on adhering to a particular style. However, if you wanted to categorize various window treatments, you would likely consider these window coverings to be modern:

  • Genuine wood blinds
  • Interior wood shutters
  • Woven-wood or bamboo shades
  • Drapes in olive green- or rust-colored fabric

On the other hand, a contemporary décor emphasizes a bold aesthetic with clean, straight lines and often a stark contrast based on shades of black and white. Some window treatment examples include:

  • Roller shades that boast a black-and-white pattern
  • Flat Roman shades that stack rather than cascade
  • Faux wood blinds or painted wood blinds

Of course, the best way to select window treatments for your home is to partner with an experienced design consultant who can help you get the look you want while also considering important factors like light control and energy efficiency. Exciting Windows! has an extensive network of window treatment experts who are ready to help. What’s more, when you team up with one of the professionals in our network, you’ll receive our 4-Way Guarantee. This guarantee ensures that you’ll receive the best prices and quality, on-time appointments, and a 10-year performance assurance on any window coverings you receive through one of our members.

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