More Window Treatment Beauty & Value This Season…

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No matter the holiday you celebrate in YOUR home, this season provides great opportunities to improve your décor, make your rooms more comfortable and save energy dollars all at once, just by looking to your windows! Custom window fashions provide the kind of change you’ll love in your decorating scheme, and while you’re at it, you can also bring heating and cooling savings by implementing various energy-efficient materials and technologies that are as gorgeous as they are sensible!

The best part of it all may just be that you won’t have to do any of the homework on what would be the best, most beautiful and cost-efficient décor solution yourself, because I will bring it all to YOU for your consideration, along with great ideas we can share together to make your windows a dream come true. All you need do is give me a call to set up a free consultation, and we can get started on one window or many, in one room or the whole house! We will work within your budget to create just the look you hope for, and as a trained, certified expert in ALL window treatments, I bring my experience and industry knowledge to you, so you can be sure you’re getting the most for your decorating dollars.

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Michael Payne’s Window Décor Tip of the Month:
Decorating Can Add Energy Efficiency, Too!
Many of the new cellular, slatted and vaned
shear shadings on the market are so beautiful that you can easily forget that they offer another level of beauty… Energy Savings! I love the fact that such an elegant solution to decorating also provides a way to make a room FEEL more comfortable… because IT IS! These technological wonders help keep heat in and cold out in winter, and vice versa in summer. Your Window Fashions Professional would love to show you these beautiful products in your home. I think you’ll be amazed!

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Now you can start picturing gorgeous new custom window fashions at YOUR windows without even leaving your home or office, saving you time, effort and even a few gallons of gas in the process! With the Exciting Windows! IDEA Studio site, you select from a complete array of window types to approximate the ones you want to treat, a vast array of designs and products that include virtually EVERY window fashion type and style, and
luxurious extras like valances, cornices, decorative hardware and tie-backs. Then by just clicking a few buttons, your personal window design appears full composed for you to view, alter and enhance!

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For more great decorating ideas click here to view our recorded trunk show featuring HGTV’s Michael Payne and stunning window treatments from the portfolios of talented Exciting Windows! talented designers!

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