Patterns or Solids: How to Choose Drapery Fabric

Corner of a sitting area with an off-white Queen Anne wingback chair holding a red pillow in front of windows covered by red-and-white floral pattern Roman shades that are flanked by solid-red, floor-length drapesWhen you wander through your favorite crafts or clothing store, do your eyes light up when you see butterfly motifs? Sunflowers? Geometric shapes? Would it make you happy to see that type of artwork gracing the windows of your home?

Perhaps it would. But coordinating patterned drapes or curtains with your existing interior décor can be tricky. Here are a few tips from professional interior designers:

Opposites Attract

Although it’s possible to incorporate different drapery, upholstery, and bedding prints in your design scheme, this approach typically requires advanced design savvy to achieve a pleasing aesthetic that doesn’t make your room look too “busy.” The safest approach is to choose patterned fabric for your drapery if your bedding, upholstery, and area rugs sport solid colors. Conversely, if your bedspread or sofa boasts patterned fabric, you may want to adorn your windows with draperies of a solid, complementing color. However, this doesn’t mean you have to stick to exactly the same one or two colors throughout your décor. Varying the colors by selecting slightly lighter or darker shades can inject visual interest into your room design.

Mixing It Up a Bit

If you decide to try your hand at combining different patterns with the same motif, interior designers recommend that you vary the patterns by size. For example, if your sofa upholstery has a large-print pattern, make sure you select a mid-size or smaller-print pattern for your drapes.

Reading the Room

Window treatments often set the tone for a room, so you’ll want to consider whether any draperies—patterned or solids—will enhance or clash with the atmosphere created by your interior décor. For example, drapes with a large floral print in neon colors might be distracting in a living room with a stone fireplace, rustic wood beams on the ceiling, and an earth-tone color scheme.

Turn to Exciting Windows!

We’ve listed only a few helpful hints for homeowners who are planning to replace their drapes. The best way to choose the ideal drapery style and fabric is to partner with an experienced window treatment expert. Exciting Windows! has an extensive network of professional design consultants who can listen to your goals and help you select custom drapery that will deliver exactly the look you’re after. Contact us today for more information.